Start-up Business- Make Sure You’re Financing It in Right Ways with These Ways
  • November 5, 2021
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Start-up Business? Make Sure You’re Financing It in Right Ways with These Ways

Business knows one rule.

You need an accurate idea, and you need to supply it with all the resources to help it grow.

What greater resource can there be for a business apart from money?

Financing is a must for business. Ideas, of course, take the steering wheel of a brand.

But, financing works as fuel.

This isn’t the statement of the world’s leading brands. Be it a large corporate brand or a small business in the countryside. This approach has complemented its workflow and given it the necessary support in order to help it keep going.

And if this doesn’t go as enough evidence for you, then you have got the following to help you out…

Sam and Barney run a small florists’ corner in the countryside of Wessex. They have been living there for about 4 decades and a half and are pretty much into this trade for about a decade.

But, they’ve been successful in just two years only because they have been able to make positive changes in their commerce by correctly financing it in the ‘start-up phase’.

And that can be done by finding it.


Well, learn more below.

How to Finance a Business in its Start-up Phase

Whether or not you browse through lists of direct lenders in the UK due to bad credit scores or think of peer to peer funding, you need some additional steps actually to offer the best financing solution to your business.

“We started with no idea about this sort of a task!” said Sam. “We believed that what we could do to it might be the reason it would survive. So, instead of expecting from it in the very first stage, we started offering it some more nourishment, right Barnes?”, he ended pointing towards Barney sitting next to him.

“Absolutely! We explained to our wives that it would be a good venture as they were pretty skeptical about the whole deal, you know…but we kept on doing what others might not have done in the very 1st phase, and that is investing. We made our eyes and ears open and were a little aggressive on funding our brand rather than merely conducting business in the first phase. My brother has been the source of this idea as he is an entrepreneur himself. It’s probably because of this investment, do we now enjoy our privileges as businesspersons and…of course…our wives’ approvals that we did what’s right.”, he said with a smile.

Want to know what investment plans this fantastic business duo used.

Well, they’ve shared it with us. Read more to find out.

  • A business credit card keeps things simple
  • Banks can offer a good solution
  • Try a personal loan         
  • Have you tried peer to peer lending?
  • Crowd-funding can be a good option
  • You may get federal grant options
  • Continue what you do and keep your business as a freelancing project
  • You might think of selling an asset
  • Angel Investors can make things right
  • How can an association help?

Let’s know more about these points, shall we?

  • A  Business Credit Card Keeps Things Simple

A business credit card is easier to get. It is because you’re getting it for a valid and transparent reason, and that is business.

Such credit cards come with facilities and offer when you’re intention is to use them for business.

Taking a business credit card lets you be more organized in tracking your business expenses. Couple it with a separate business account, and you can carefully manage your earnings and expenditure and control your profits and further investments carefully.

  • Banks Can Offer a Good Solution

Banks make a good contribution to the business you want to make. If you have a good credit score and look for a loan or any financial schemes that help you with smart investment, then you’re going to go ahead and do it.

Banks can be the best source to gain a large amount of loan if you carry a good credit score or don’t have a credit score. Still, you’re potentially showing a dependable ad steady career growth and financial stability from your primary income.

  • Try Taking a Personal Loan

Banks can help you when you have got a good credit score.

What if you don’t?

It is normal to be the victim of a bad credit score for a variety of reasons. Often a change in a job or a difficult situation that called for huge expenses can affect your credit history and make it unappealing to professional lenders.

But that’s not always the case with personal loans.

There are many kinds of personal loans offered by pro lenders online. You can get particular loans for bad credit, and no brokers will be involved in this process. Your loans will be given without considering your credit score, and yes, you get long periods to repay the loan.

  • Have You Tried Peer to Peer Lending?

Two heads are better than one.

Two wallets are better than one as well.

Sam and Barney have got the direct facilitation of this.

With peer to peer lending in partnership businesses, you gain the opportunity to customize your investment.

You may sit down with your peer and jot down a good investment plan to determine what advancements you can offer your brand.

  • Crowdfunding Can Be a Good Option

Crowdfunding has been and will be one of the best ways in financing a brand if you want the best of both worlds.


Well, not only does crowdfunding help you surprisingly with an amount, but it may also aid you with building the network and catalyzing business awareness on the way.

Sam and Barney have got direct results of it. They have used a technological solution like the platform from Kickstarter for crowdfunding. And it worked for them!

  •  You May Get Federal Grant Points

A healthy idea to find a business at its inception is to look for help from the government.

And in the UK, you get ‘classified’ assistance offered by the government in different regions of the country and that too at alternative rates.

However, the rates of these financial aids or grants may depend on the type of business you are conducting.

So, educate yourself on these laws at first and then go for the bargain.

  • Continue What You Do and  Keep Your Business as a Freelancing Project

Businesses must be conducted. But, as a career, you don’t want to sabotage your earnings and miss out on paying bills, do you?

Any business requires time to develop. And when you’re not allowing that, you might not be able to make it reach the standard you wanted it to be.

So, for the first few years, keep your day job and work part-time for your business. Eventually, like Sam and Barney, you might not get the time to do anything else except managing your brand.

  • You Might Think of Selling an Asset

Isn’t it better to hold on to what’s new and let go of the thing you don’t need anymore?

Do it with assets that you don’t require.

It can be that vase at your tabletop or that Mustang you rarely drive.

They do offer you a lot of money if you consider that investment in your brand.

You may also save the amount to help it contribute to future business operations.

  •   Angel Investors Might Help

There is something called equity funding.

With Angel investors, you might be able to sell a share or a part of the assets of your business and offer them partial ownership of the trade.

But, that means you’re joining forces with another professional who is well aware of the way business works and yes, ‘part of that knowledge is now yours.’

That is certainly useful.

  •  How Can an Association Help?

In many ways.

There are business associations and communities for entrepreneurs that welcome your membership.

While it might not offer you a financial solution at the start of your membership, some of these organizations might as well provide you financial support.

The essential part of such organizations is that you’d get to gain ideas about forming business strategies and evaluating your current trade.

These associations also help you with consultation like which private lenders to choose or if you want to ensure your business or what digital marketing strategies you need etc.

To Conclude

Sam and Barney have just given you such ideas that you need to implement.

As they say, implementing an idea is the best thing you can do for your business. Start doing that by funding your brand smartly.

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