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Warning: ExtraMileFinance does not ask for any surprising fees. You can avail a loan without paying any upfront or any other charges.

£0 Loan Upfront Fees
£0 Early Repayment Fee
98.7% Approval Chances
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Get pre-approved direct lender loans

ExtramileFinance is among the UK’s most reliable private money lenders, offering tailor-made deals no matter what your credit score is. Our automated loan process suits everyone’s financial needs, whether you are unemployed or struggling with income.

Our smooth and simple loan process allows applicants to borrow funds on the highest probability of loan acceptance. It also ensures the availability of multiple loan options targeting different financial problems of varied individuals.

Are you aware of the best thing? You provide NO hidden fees, and NO credit check can be possible here. Isn’t it interesting?

With us, your loan possibilities are huge. We work under a wide online network all over the UK. Wait! We have another uniqueness here, i.e. one of the most trustworthy private money lenders for bad credit people.

Our company does consider your credit score performance but not of the past. Instead, we take an interest in how you are performing in making current payments. See here what features we provide only for you.

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  • Speedy Disbursals
  • Minimum Documentation
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Credit Score Improvement
  • Apply with no Income
  • Faster Approval
  • Affordable Lending
  • Affordable Monthly Instalments

Benefits of private money lenders’ personal loans for bad credit

You may have missed your first chance, which is why you have a poor credit score. Now, you deserve a second chance. Sometimes, circumstances do not favour you, but our loans greatly favour you.

We believe if you can illustrate your loan affordability, you should have another chance of availing funds. Therefore, we do offer personal loans for bad credit in the UK on bespoke terms and conditions.

We do not mind these following issues too alongside poor credit score you have:-

  • Defaults
  • Declined by banks
  • County Court Judgements
  • Missed payments and bills
  • Previously been bankrupt
  • Multiple debts to clear
  • Self-employment but lack the tax returns

If you fall under any of these categories, you can qualify to obtain these benefits of loans for bad credit from a direct lender like we are:-

  • Flexibility: You can apply for our loans for any purpose. Whether you want to pay an urgent medical bill, manage holiday expenses, to use the money for car repair, you can opt for these loans.
  • No Impact of Past Credit: We know that you have a poor credit history because there must be some reasons. You do not need to explain those reasons because we bring approval to your present financial capacity.
  • Easy Loan Access: You must have many responsibilities to perform daily. In little time, you can apply for a loan. It is where we come as the most reliable private money lender for bad credit people, as we deal only on the online platform.

Choose your option among direct lender loans for bad credit

You want to approach private lenders in the UK because the mainstream lenders have already denied your loan application. You may not be aware that this may be a golden chance to get higher-acceptance loans.

At ExtramileFinance, we provide a wide range of personal loans matching your personal ends without any hassle. All these loans are available online with the least paperwork and obligations, making an easy road to get instant funding.

No Guarantor Loans

No Guarantor Loans

Why waste time finding a guarantor when you can borrow funds without anyone’s support? Yes it is possible with us.

12 Month Loans

12 Month Loans

Plan your expenses by having our loan for a year. You can improve your overall credit score too by making all instalments on time.

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured Loans

When a financial emergency pops up, you can access funding without risk. Go for our unsecured personal loans now.

Unemployed Loans

Unemployed Loans

Jobless individuals now do need to worry about their finances. It is because we are ready with our tailor-made loans for the unemployed.

Single Parent Loans

Single Parent Loans

There is nothing complicated when you are living as a single parent. We take care of your finances very well.

Installment Loans

Installment Loans

Our loans do not involve any worry of repayments because they are available in easy-to-manage monthly instalments.

Extramilefinance - a direct and private lender for personal loans

Our company’s primary mission is to support all UK individuals to fulfil their financial goals and needs through a safe and well-protected digital platform. We have designed our loan procedure so aspirants can have a hassle-free experience.

Choosing private lenders for high-risk personal loans can be your right decision if you choose us. The best part is that your work is limited to sending us a loan application, and we will take care of all further things.

ExtramileFinance connects directly with loan aspirants, and our AI platform ensures quick loan decisions and funding for you. We are committed to ensuring the best lending experience for whoever approaches us. If you have a poor credit score, there is nothing to worry about.

We are the specialist provider of online personal loans in the UK for poor credit people. Here are the primary reasons why you choose us:

6+ Years of Experience

We are not new in the market. Since our inception, we have helped thousands of financially struggling people.

Better Understanding

We have a good understanding of any kind of financial problem. You get the best solution from us.

Our Loan Experts

We have a team of experienced loan experts who know the art of framing borrower-friendly loan deals.

Simple Loan Process

We believe in simplicity, and there is nothing dynamic in our loan process. You can apply from anywhere.

5 simple steps to get our small loans

Our small personal loans for bad credit people are not too far away from you. In fact, you can have your loan on the same day. There are a few formalities that you need to follow and nothing else.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are Private Loan Lenders?

A private loan lender is an entity that grants different kinds of personal loans to individuals. It primarily offers online loans with minimum documentation and obligations as compared to mainstream lenders. ExtramileFinance is a direct lender offering loans on affordability.

What Extra Charges do you Levy on Personal Loans for Bad Credit?

We do not charge anything irrelevant when someone applies for a loan on a poor credit score. We do not want to put any extra burden on your finances, especially in an emergency.

Why Do I Need No Guarantor to Apply for Direct Lender Loans?

When everything comes directly to your financial favour, there is no need for someone to intervene. We trust your loan affordability, and therefore, we provide bad credit personal loans without a guarantor.

Where do you provide personal loans?

We provide loans anywhere in the UK, as we deal only on the online platform. You can apply for our loans by relaxing in your living room or taking a short break while working at your office. Moreover, you can even apply from your smartphone.

Do You Provide Every Loan with No Credit Check?

We provide loans without credit checks on specific circumstances such as:-

  • You should ask for an affordable amount
  • You may be our existing borrower, and we have your credit score
  • You must be improving your recent credit profile
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