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Borrow despite bad credit score

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Get 2 extensions through rollover

Daily interest rate capped at 0.8%

About the ExtraMile Finance Private Lender UK

We are a new age and innovative loan company engaged in offering wide range of instant funding for a specific purpose. ExtraMile Finance UK always plan the loans to resolve your financial crisis.

Do you need loan for coming over the bad credit situation, or unemployment or you desire quick cash, we are an overwhelming marketplace to make it happen.

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Benefits of Availing Loans from a Private Lender

Direct lending is not only a term but also a way to get proper and prompt funding. Whenever you find yourself trapped in a financial urgency that has created a need for emergency funds, you can obtain funds instantly and efficiently.

A private lender like us can vow to approve loans within a few minutes primarily due to the prevailing online process. No legwork, no paperwork and no extra work are mandatory, which means a quick loan approval is there.

Unemployment, bad credit score, no guarantor, and tenancy are some of the obstacles in the way of borrowing funds. We have removed all of them and paved the way for a smooth lending procedure. Come directly to us, and we make sure the direct benefits of our personalised loan deals.

When it comes to loan benefits, here they are:

  • Maximum Chance of Loan Approval: This thing makes private lenders like us different from conventional counterparts. Rejection of the loan application seems not in our culture. As long as you convince us with timely and complete repayment, we can assure you with 100% loan approval.
  • Liquidity in the credit assessment: There is another plus point where we do not assess too much or in a hard way to check your credit score. We are comparatively soft in our approach. Thus, most of the times, we approve loan applications on ‘no credit check’ policy.
  • Exclusive deals for special moments: Flexibility is our main USP, and we do not leave it whatever the situation is. Whether you are a physically disabled person or unemployed with not own mistake, we are ready to prepare specialised loan offers like unemployed loans for bad credit or no guarantor required.
  • Repayments are not hard at all: With Extramile Finance, you can feel relax in terms of making repayments. We are with you and our financial experts guide you on how to manage the repayment to not to miss anyone.
  • The loan benefits are bountiful in our hub. Why are you waiting for long? Apply now and grab them.

Pay your loans in
12 months

Repay the loan in almost less than a year, on flexible pro-borrower terms.

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Borrow Cash without a Guarantor

We do not ask for a guarantor to support your loan. You have instant cash offers.

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Easy Ways to Fund Your Joblessness

Repay the loan in almost less than a year, on flexible pro-borrower terms.

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Our Loan Products Are Meant for Possibilities

You just need a small help to come out from financial mess and to open up the door for complete peace of mind.

  • Easily cover your unplanned expenses: Most of the people plan for their rudimentary needs but forget the unexpected ones. By availing our loans, you can easily do this.

  • Recover your credit scores: It is enough of your poor credit score. Now it is the turn of coming back on track. How you would do that? Nothing extraordinary needed, you just approach us.

  • Cash flow despite no job: We have done enough for unemployed people in the UK and we will do it always. We keep the cash flow coming to your bank account. Just need to focus on new job.

  • Loans on easy installments: With us, there is no need to worry how to make the repayments. Extramile Finances Private lender has easy-to-follow monthly installment plans. You can choose your own one.

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Credit with ZERO waiting Time

ExtraMile Finance offers you the loan on easy terms and conditions in the manner where you sustain yourself and strengthen your financial condition.

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Terms up to 5 Years

Choose loan terms from the tenure as low as 6 months to 5 years, and enjoy the flexibility of choice in between as well.


Loans for any Purpose

Your purpose to borrow a loan from Private lender may be one or you have multiple regions, you have a loan designed for every purpose.


Decisions within an Hour*

Loans without delays and procedural hassles! The decision on your loan will come in an hour, and you feel pleased about it.

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