Approval decision in 10 minutes
Receive funds within one hour
Borrow for any purpose
Prepayment possible with no charges

How a 12 month loan saves you

We have your back!

Please say ‘goodbye’ to all those worries because we have got the money for you.

We insist.

With a 12 month loan, you can fund your projects in the most realistic ways possible. Added to that, you are going to get that direct lender assistance from us through counselling and advice.

Why can it save you? It doesn’t take much time to reach you. It is free of hidden charges. We diversified our loan options into more interesting loan types to help them suit your needs in a fitting way.


For example, a 12-month loan doesn’t mean you have to take it for 12 months on a mandatory basis. You can definitely go for alternatives such as a payday loan for 3 months only if you have an emergency payment or an urgent investment that can’t wait.

Or, if you are unemployed, we can surely lend a simple 12 month payday loan.

What is the basic idea of a 12 month loan from a direct lender?

To put it simply, a loan of this kind is taken out for a SHORT-TERM. Therefore, you may call them short-term loans.

The plain definition of these loans is that they are the loans you need when you want a VERY SHORT REPAYMENT TERM.

The 12 month loan is a short-term personal loan. Since it is a personal or an unsecured loan, it doesn’t need collateral.

But there are more to loans of this kind. You can also take out a 12 month loan for bad credit, which offers you money even with a poor credit score.

You just need to prove that your income statement is reliable to pay off repayment instalments for the loan terms.

It’s that simple!

Depending on your needs, these loan terms can vary, and you may find even more attractive options with them.

We do have to learn more about these loans to come down to a fair conclusion. To do that, scrolling down will be a good idea.

Why a 12 month loan from a direct lender is advantageous for me?

It is just a personal loan that comes in a shorter repayment time. Taking out the loan and repaying it are done quickly. It allows you to enjoy your peace of mind.

According to borrowers based on several surveys, we have found that this loan comes in good use when you have some urgent projects in hand. In fact, many who have lost their jobs or are presently not working often came up to us for a 12 month unemployed loan for direct lender facilities.

So, if you are confused with a 12 month loan, don’t be with the following table:

Fund emergency needs

A short-term loan is perfect for emergencies as you get the loan approval within 10 minutes only.

Make faster decisions

Need to buy stocks for business? Do you want to gift your kid that laptop with a limited-period offer? You know what to do.

Help nearest ones

So, you have got to help your family in need. But you do not have savings. You can take this loan out and use the money to do the work.

Finalise investment decisions

You might need to invest, but you may not have enough financial power. Well, we are here to offer you a loan.

Improve credit score

Contrary to popular belief, we do provide a 12 month loan for bad credit involved in the process. Take this loan out and improve your credit score by repaying us at the right time.

Oh yes, avoid a guarantor as well

Short-term loans do not need always a guarantor if your income is stable. Added to that, we are trying to help our borrowers with 12 month loans with no guarantor with a bad credit score too.

Interested in these loans already?

Well, let us tell you something about our service now.

What kinds of 12 month loans do i get with extramilefinance?

Being direct lenders, what we understood is that people require a variety of loans.

Not all loans can serve the purposes a borrower has in mind.

12 Month Loans with ExtraMileFinance

We have designed our loans in different use-case scenarios so that you have clarity about them. This factor helps you make decisions in a relaxed way.

Here are those different loan options:

  • Personal Loans

    You can get these loans for any personal reason. Be it a home renovation or a repair project that you can cover within a month, or trying to help your relatives or family with some money, you have to get some money immediately.

    Plus, there is always an emergency, like medical costs, involved.

  • Business Loans

    In the language of commerce, a quick investment decision or the availability of working capital can make a real difference when you use it correctly. While that is okay, you can face problems in all the departments of commercial affairs if you lack that capital or that fund to invest.

    Similar to personal life, there might also be business emergencies where you need urgent money to solve problems. Speaking to a direct lender for a 12 month loan (even with a bad credit score) can solve the issue.

  • Payday Loans

    You can get unemployed and face the issue of buying essentials (food and medications) and paying utility bills. Taking out a 12 month payday loan stabilises you with the money to find these expenses. You can also use the money from this loan to get employed again or to buy tools for your next work.

How can I get 12 month loans for bad credit?

It is not just true, but it is happening to you too!

Bad credit is a genuine problem. However, don’t you think fixing it would require many ways, one of which is loans? We will always say ‘approved’ for a 12 month loan for bad credit score sufferers if only they could afford the loan with a steady income.

Here is what we will check for that:


We will run a check on the loan amount you need and the reason you are taking it for


We will then make a soft credit check, which is but a moderate credit analysis for keeping the records of your financial documents. It won’t affect the lending.


Last but not least, we will expect your income details and learn about your present financial behaviour only to find out if you can make monthly loan payments comfortably.

Remember, the code for a bad credit payday loan is actually a steady income. And that income can be part-time, freelance, on benefits, or any earning that can get the job done. If you can ensure that you will pay the bills at the right time, then 'a poor credit score doesn’t even exist for us’.

Where can you better utilise 12-month loans for bad credit?

Getting 12-month loans from a direct lender is always advantageous, particularly for those with credit issues. You are on the road to reaching almost guaranteed loan approval.

However, you will get funds according to your affordability, for which you have to prove yourself. If you can do this, getting 12-month loans for bad credit from a direct lender like us will be a smooth process.

Once having the approval, you can use the loans for the following purposes:

  • Improvement in Credit Scores

    We take responsibility for your financial survival and a better financial record. It is why we do not hesitate to offer 12-month payday loans with no credit check as a significant direct lender benefit.

    We do not check your past credit and offer flexible loan repayments. Pay all monthly instalments on time and bring a necessary improvement in your credit scores.

  • Accomplish Long-term Financial Goals

    It is not surprising at all. You can achieve your big financial goals with our financial support. It is right that you have applied for 12-month loans for bad credit with no guarantor from a direct lender, but you can pledge an asset to get a large amount.

    If not the guarantor, you can convince the lender with the collateral. It will work as a loan guarantee, as the lender can take possession of that asset if you do not repay it on time.

Am I eligible for a 12 month no credit check loan?

Fortunately, your question ends with a ‘yes’.

In certain circumstances, you are allowed a no credit check loan, where we offer you the money having a check on your income, and that is it.

Here they are:

  • When you have an emergency like surgery for you or your loved ones, you need money right now. We can aid you in that situation by ending you faster with our online application process devoid of credit check.

  • We allow you a loan of this kind if you are not a credit card holder, which means you don’t use a credit card.

  • Again, it is natural for us not to check your credit score if you are taking out a credit loan for the first time.

  • You might be eligible for our direct lender 12 Month no credit check loan with no guarantor too if you produce evidence of a stable income.

  • If you are a student and are not allowed to use a credit card for some reason, we will not stop the lending process just because of that. We are going to guide you toward a no-credit check loan.

How 12 month loans from direct lenders in the uk work?

Taking a loan from us is always easy if you follow the step-by-step process. And to make it even easier, we wrote the process down even more periodically down below:

1. Click on the Apply Now Button

Either scroll up to the top of the page and click on the ‘Apply Now’ button or click this link: to go to the online application form.

Once reached, fill in this information as the form asks from you. This is basically some general information to start with. You don’t need more than probably a few minutes to fill in.

  • Loan amount and type (do more research about the loans and services we give).
  • DOB
  • Name
  • Phone number and the alternate number
  • Email ID
  • Postcode

If you need to talk to us before applying, then you are more than welcome to make a call anytime.

Remember, we are available 24 x 7.

2. Qualify for the Payday Loans

Be it a direct lender 12 month payday loan in the UK or a 12 month direct lender bad credit loan, we do have some basic policies about the loans we offer you.

Here they are:

  • You have to be a permanent resident of the UK

  • You must have an electoral roll with the recent address

  • A bank account and its statements

  • Your bank account should have some balance in it, and it must be a running account

  • Your credit score

  • Your income statement, i. e., the documents from your employers

3. Loan Verification and Disbursal

We will mainly do this process. We will go through your income statement and your credit score to determine if you can pay the loan back and manage the instalments.

Once reviewed and checked accordingly, we can assure you that we will give you the approval within 10 minutes of the application process. You are receiving the money within one business day after you make the application.

Why would you take out a 12 month loan from us?

A short-term loan of this kind from us is quite essential for many agendas for borrowers from different walks of life. We know that. We have studied that. In addition, we have analysed that to give you the facilities you look for.

Through the years, we have worked with individuals, businesses and many collaborative platforms where direct lending experience has become even stronger and relevant. We tried our best to make our services acceptable and reachable for the general mass of people.

We have been successful in doing that since we have borrowers from all sections of society and almost all kinds of professional sectors. Our services in the following ways stand apart as one of the most helpful and flexible direct lending providers.

You can change loan terms anytime

You can borrow from 1000 pounds to 25000 pounds based on your requirement. However, our team permits you to change your loan term or borrow more money if needed.

You get the loan faster than you think

Once you apply, it takes just 10 minutes for us to get you the loan approval. You send your documents, we verify them, and you are going to find the money disbursed in your bank account on the same day you applied for.

We are online all the day and throughout the year

ExtraMile Finance is working 24 x 7 for 365 days just to aid you with the requirement you have from it. We also work on bank holidays and the national holidays as we know troubles exist all of the time.

Avoid extra fees for brokerage

We are already a direct lender and we can save some of the money that you often invest for brokerage. To get a 12 month loan with no broker in the process, you have come to the right website.

Get direct lender assistance

You can also get a good direct lender facility since we give loans directly to you. From loan terms to instalments and credit scores, we have your back with quality consultation.

No credit check facility

In an emergency and or when you are not a credit card holder, you may need an authentic direct lender 12 month loan with no credit check for sure. What you can do is to speak with us and you will find out that we do offer such loans.

Well, mail us between 9 am to 7 pm at [email protected] or [email protected]. Or you can click on this link: Fill up a very short form and submit your queries.

Just let you know if we could be of any help to you. We will always be happy to help.


Q Is a 12 month loan a personal loan, or is it something different?

A 12 month loan is a personal loan or an unsecured loan. Just like unsecured loans, this short-term loan doesn’t need collateral to be offered to the borrowers. You can simply take this loan out like a personal loan. Produce your income statement and credit score; we are good to go with the loan.

QIs a 12 month instalment loan actually affordable?

It depends on how you look at it and what your income is. At ExtraMile Finances, we cater to offer you the loan in a more detail-oriented way. In this process, we check your loan amount and type. With that, we calculate whether you are going to be able to pay the loan in instalments or not. If we find you okay with this, you are getting the loan, and yes, you will find it affordable as we will make the loan that way for you.

Q Do I need a payday loan or a bad credit loan?

Check your loan affordability to find the answer to that. If you are suffering from a bad credit score and require the money right now to make pending credit card payments, pending bills or other debtors, then going for a 12 month payday loan for bad credit will be great. On the other hand, if you don’t find yourself in a rush to make payments and can take time to recover your credit score, you can go for a bad credit loan.

QWhy Should I choose direct lenders for a 12 month payday loan?

Direct lenders are one of the largest and the most extended financial units that help you get even more facilities for a payday loan or a loan with a shorter term. Brokers search for the best direct lender for you, for which you need to pay them for brokerage. This, however, means extra money to get your loan. Why would you pay that when you are already on a direct lender’s website?

Q Do I get payday loans over 12 months?

Generally, you can get money for a payday loan in 12 months. But, as we mentioned earlier, we may change our loan terms if the borrower doesn’t find it comfortable and wants some changes to be made. Tell us if you face any trouble in repayment and want to get this loan for a year. We will help you with the matter ASAP.

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