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Are you looking for the home renovation? Does your business need financial backing for at least a year? Do not worry; we take your desires towards the destination of implementation by presenting 12-month Payday loans on the eye-catchy same-day fund disbursal feature.

At ExtraMile Finance, the loans are accessible as the perfect alternative for the conventional loan. The online application system and instant approval are the two most striking attributes that make us different from others.

You may find these one-year loans from other direct lenders in the UK, but the benefits that we bring reflect our new-age lending. And, that new-age lending will surely prove handful to your finances.

Do you have a bad credit score? Forget it, you can do anything by sitting at your living room, and your bank account will receive funds on the exact date.


12-month payday loans are the other types of personal loans where the borrowers apply for loans for the fixed-term of one year. Just like payday loans, you have to pay the monthly instalments for 12 months on the date of receiving your salary.

We give you the option of making repayments on your choice of date. Alternatively, you can also opt for our ‘Automatic Money Deduction’ option that will assure you of not to missing any payment.

Every class of borrowers, like poor credit, unemployed, tenants or people living on benefits, is competent to apply for 12-month payday loans from direct lenders only.


These one-year monthly loans are beneficial for both personal and professional purposes. Since the online application system is standard, any borrower should not have any complication to apply for the loans.

12 Month Loans for Personal Ends

These are the most sought-after loans to fulfil personal requirements. The benefits that borrowers get are:

  • The short-term loans are applicable for both the working and non-working categories of borrowers to fill their financial gaps;
  • Holiday expenses can quickly be sorted out with 12-month payday loans, as it can be from buying a package or booking a hotel;
  • The educational costs of both tuition fees and the maintenance can be managed with such instalment loans;
  • They are useful for arranging funds to pay health expenses like doctor’s fees, medicines purchasing and other necessary treatments;
  • Some people might think that these loans do not favour financial emergency. But ExtraMile Finances makes this possible for you as well. Whenever you feel any urgency in your finances, you can apply for the loans anytime.

12 Month Payday Loans for Business Purposes

Do you have any business aspiration to accomplish? Our loans will fulfil those with having advantages, such as:

  • These loans work best as the financial backup to your venture. You can start your new project with no worry of funding;
  • If you want money to expand your business’s location or to locate another branch, then our loan deals are the ideal one for you;
  • Are you planning to add more infrastructures to your company? Go for it. We are ready to fund you anytime and anywhere.

An Important Note: ExtraMile Finances wants to fund more to the business aspirants with more duration. Currently, we are offering 24-month loans with more advanced features and benefits.

THE Evergreen Factor of No Credit Check With Us

The poor credit score often shows a negative financial report of a person. The significant obstacle comes in the form of a hard credit check. As we have announced ourselves quite different from others, we are undoubtedly unique in providing 12-month loans with no credit check from direct lenders only.

It means your bad credit score is no worse in terms of unwanted outcomes. You get what you want, and you fulfil what you aspire.

Are you worried about the higher interest rates? Well, you can be if you apply anywhere else but not at ExtraMile Finances. We are flexible to our lending norms and will finalise rates after discussion with you regarding your recent financial capacity.

Other advantages that you can expect from us are:

What Chances are Available If You Have Bad Credit?

When your credit profile does not show positive about your financial creditworthiness, you could come with a research that not much funding opportunities are there to utilise. Expecting too much from the traditional lenders can prove wrong and therefore, you should approach direct lenders only like ExtraMile Finance to apply for 12 month loans for bad credit direct lender only.

The interest rates may be on the higher side, but the benefits of these poor credit loans can insist the borrowers to go ahead. These benefits are:

  • More chances of guaranteed loan approval
  • You can improve your credit score
  • No collateral is mandatory to apply
  • Immediate funding access

Obtain 12-Month Loans with No Guarantor

ExtraMile Finance is the one-stop solution for every financial problem. Our motto is to remove any financial shortage into the life of our customers through the way of a realistic loan deal, such as 12 month loans for bad credit with no guarantor from direct lenders only. There is no need of finding a person, who has to take guarantee of repayments with you, when applying for this loan. Finding an appropriate person to become your guarantee needs time, which you do not want to afford during financial urgency. To help you in the best possible manner, we provide fast no guarantor loans for the same day fund transfer.

Is 12-Month Payday Loan Facility Relevant on Other Products Too?

It is the loan where you have to make the repayment in schedule payment. There will be a specific time where you have to pay some amount of borrowed money. Those repayment periods will be decided by the lender or loan providers.

Most of the direct lenders, like Extra mile Finance in the UK, provide funds to bad credit people with no guarantor for a period of 6 months to 5 years. However, it depends on the borrowing amount.

There are several types of 12 months loans that you can repay on payday basis. Let’s have a look at them.

  • 1. Auto Loans
  • 2. Students Loans
  • 3. Personal Loans

These categories depend on the type of loans. And each loan has a different purpose, and you can avail them according to the situation’s need.

How 12-Month Loans Function in the Process?

These one-year payday loans consider the principal amount and interest rate. Whatever the total amount is, it will be divided into time that is predetermined by the loan providers. And, now you have to pay them monthly or weekly depending upon on which date you receive the salary.

In most of the scenario, the lender takes it monthly rather than weekly. Many such situations occur where individual fail to repay the money on time. But, it is the benefit of 12-month loans with no credit check, that you can talk to the direct lender in the UK, and flexible the time or pay it later.

In this way, you can save your credit score from becoming affected.

Now, let’s see there is some misconception that people believes. It is imperative to clear them first.

One-year Loans: What Makes It A Key Solution For The Money Hitch?

Life is full of challenges and obstacles; some remains for short or some stays for a more extended period. The truth is that you cannot run away from it; everyone has to manage it with different methods.

Most of the people choose to break the emergency or saving funds. But do you think that cutting funds can aid you for a more extended period?

Several financial advisors do not recommend losing the funds in this way. It should be utilised to fulfil future expenses or dreams. Now, the question arises is that what options you should choose to deal with both small and large expenditures?

To cope with such situation 12 month payday loans with no guarantor and no credit check could be a perfect choice. You might have heard about it numerous times. But, still many people confuse while opting instalment because of some doubts.

Let’s clear them, and understand everything about it.

Instant Financial Assistance from Direct Lenders

Several UK people depend upon their fixed monthly income to continue the financial activities. If you are among them, you are also facing difficulties to live with an acute shortage of funds. All such situations generate the requirement of urgent access of funds, which is fulfilled through 12 month loans with no credit check.

Here are the key benefits, which the borrowers can attain with these loans:

They help you to control over the expenses till the significant period of time and with no obstacles.

Borrowers do not have to travel around or wait for days or weeks for securing funds. Online payday loans are approved quickly here.

Bad credit history does not matter at all, which means borrowers have the chance to get financed irrespective of their poor credit situation.

There is hardly any person, who does not want instant and guaranteed approval when need funds at most. Everyone wants such kind of arrangement to get the funding process easy. We have incorporated the elements like competent processing, instant funding and realistic loan terms to present the well-customised loan deal.

So, what are you looking for? Just start applying for 12 month loans and fund your expenses with no hindrance.


Above features are enough to describe our efficiency in the UK financial marketplace. But still, if you want to know the unique feature about us, then we do not hesitate to mention the product called 12 months or 24-month loans for bad credit people with no guarantor needed.

We are both Flexible and Fixed to our norms-

Flexible: It is because we decide interest rates and repayment terms according to the present financial scenario of the borrowers.

Fixed: We are fixed to our objectives, motives and principles. Our primary concern is to present ideal financial assistance to our prospective clients.

Do you want to experience the premier and prominent 12-month loan deals in the UK? Sure you are, and then apply now…

We have shown a detailed study about them below:

A Down Payment Is Necessary

It is one of the most common false statements. You do not have to pay any down payment. Though, the lender asks for certain things, like:

If you have anyone among them, then you can quickly get the approval.

The Interest Rate Paid First

There is no such loan exist where you have to pay interest first. So, overlook such myths, and if someone tries to trick you, then you should leave that lender. Try to approach the authentic one that can help you instead of putting you into more problems.

Hamper the Financial Life

There are certain kinds of debts that affect the money life that is known as “Bad-Debts”. But, the installment is not belonging to this category. Against the statement, it will help you to improve finance, and aid to gain financial stability.


Q For Which Purpose Can I Use 12 Month Loans?

You can use the loans for different personal purposes. For example, they can be used for emergency funding occurred due to car repair, home renovation, or any other planned expense like holidays or weddings. It largely depends upon the borrowers how they use the loans for after getting the desired funds.

Q How to Find the Right Deal on 12 Month Payday Loans?

Searching for the right loan deal does not mean only that you have to find the right lender. Instead, it is all about analysing your prevailing financial situation and then finalise how much you want to borrow and how will you repay the funds. 12 month loans are considered best when it comes to repaying the amount because you can easily manage the instalment from your monthly income.

Q Will 12 Month Loans Affect My Credit Rating?

No, installment loans for bad credit no gurantor will not affect your credit rating especially when ExtraMile Finance is allowing the funds through no credit check process. In fact, if you are sincere towards the repayments then you can easily improve your credit score and find more lending options in the future.

Q How Much Can I Borrow?

ExtraMile Finance has set the borrowing limit from £1000 to £15000 but it largely depends upon the individual circumstances. We also check the repayment capacity of the borrowers according to their income status. However, they can inform us early if they want any changes to the loan amount and the repayment period.

Q Are there many lenders who offer 12 month loans?

Yes, there are many lenders who serve the borrowing of 12 month Payday loans but you have to make a smart choice to select a worthy one. For example, extra mile finance is an online financial service provider brings to get the amount to favour the borrower’s situation.

Q Can you get a 12 months Installment loan with bad credit and no guarantor?

Yes, you can get bad credit loans from direct lender and that too with the feature of no credit check. It performs to give the borrower a lenient checking on the credit score which does not leave the mark of search print on it. The approval on the amount even when you have bad credit gives the borrower a chance to improve the number of credit score by making on time payments.

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