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Quick and Flexible 12 Month Loans

Want some extra funding to pay the bill of your car repair or of any other unexpected extra spending? Apply for 12 month loans and get the desired amount to your bank account on the same day, if approved.

The loans work as the perfect alternative to the payday loans and quite similar to them in terms of the repayments. However, there is a clear difference of the loan amount and duration between them. ExtraMile Finance gives you an advantage of applying the loans online. You will not find convenient as such from others as we provide to you. Clearly, there is no need to walk around the marketplace and spend time at the lender's office. You can practice everything by sitting at your home.

Easy repayment schedule makes further easier for the borrowers, especially for those with thin credit profile and want installment loans for bad credit by direct lenders only.

How do 12 month payday loans Work?

The combining features of 12 month loans and the payday loans constitute the term ‘12 month payday loans’. Under this policy, the borrowers can borrow small funds for year duration and they can make the monthly installment on their salary day until the prescribed period.

It is important to mention here is that the people can expect 12 month payday loans from direct lenders only. The traditional lenders may not yet open to this sort of flexible lending. ExtraMile Finance, as being the FinTech lender, definitely includes these loans to its product lists.

The borrowers can submit the applications online and the approval will come after few hours. We are indeed counted among the best names providing these no credit check direct lenders. People with less-than-perfect credit score can make the full use of this opportunity.

What Chances are Available If You Have Bad Credit?

When your credit profile does not show positive about your financial creditworthiness, you could come with a research that not much funding opportunities are there to utilise. Expecting too much from the traditional lenders can prove wrong and therefore, you should approach direct lenders like ExtraMile Finance to apply for installment loans for bad credit.

The interest rates may be on the higher side, but the benefits of these poor credit loans can insist the borrowers to go ahead. These benefits are:

  • More chances of guaranteed loan approval
  • You can improve your credit score
  • No collateral is mandatory to apply
  • Immediate funding access

Obtain 12-Month Loans with No Guarantor

ExtraMile Finance is the one-stop solution for every financial problem. Our motto is to remove any financial shortage into the life of our customers through the way of a realistic loan deal, such as 12-month loans for bad credit with no guarantor. There is no need of finding a person, who has to take guarantee of repayments with you, when applying for this loan. Finding an appropriate person to become your guarantee needs time, which you do not want to afford during financial urgency. To help you in the best possible manner, we provide fast no guarantor loans for the same day fund transfer.

12 Month Loans with No Credit Check at ExtraMile Finance

Doing comparison of different lenders would be very useful, and borrowers should have no hesitation to describe one lender perfect than others, working at the marketplace. Several inquiries on your credit report can hurt badly and you might not able to think adequately about the solution of your financial emergency. ExtraMile Finance welcomes all the individuals with all credit scores to apply 12 month payday loans with no credit check option.

Several people turn to the marketplace on regular basis to secure necessary funds for their car repair or home renovation. Fulfilling such requirements may not be possible with regular monthly income and it becomes tougher for them to manipulate over the present situation. It is the reason why such sorts of guaranteed loans offer the best solution due to the fast process.

Since the borrowers’ credit background is not the decisive factor of loan approval, it has definitely made easier for those with an adverse credit background to get the cash conveniently. Declined by banks can disturb their minds, but we have eased their financial burden with providing buy now pay later facility with no credit check option.

Instant Financial Assistance from Direct Lenders

Several UK people depend upon their fixed monthly income to continue the financial activities. If you are among them, you are also facing difficulties to live with an acute shortage of funds. All such situations generate the requirement of urgent access of funds, which is fulfilled through 12 month loans with no credit check.

Here are the key benefits, which the borrowers can attain with these loans:

They help you to control over the expenses till the significant period of time and with no obstacles.

Borrowers do not have to travel around or wait for days or weeks for securing funds. Online payday loans are approved quickly here.

Bad credit history does not matter at all, which means borrowers have the chance to get financed irrespective of their poor credit situation.

There is hardly any person, who does not want instant and guaranteed approval when need funds at most. Everyone wants such kind of arrangement to get the funding process easy. We have incorporated the elements like competent processing, instant funding and realistic loan terms to present the well-customised loan deal.

So, what are you looking for? Just start applying for 12 month loans and fund your expenses with no hindrance.


Q For Which Purpose Can I Use 12 Month Loans?

You can use the loans for different personal purposes. For example, they can be used for emergency funding occurred due to car repair, home renovation, or any other planned expense like holidays or weddings. It largely depends upon the borrowers how they use the loans for after getting the desired funds.

Q How to Find the Right Deal on 12 Month Loans?

Searching for the right loan deal does not mean only that you have to find the right lender. Instead, it is all about analysing your prevailing financial situation and then finalise how much you want to borrow and how will you repay the funds. 12 month loans are considered best when it comes to repaying the amount because you can easily manage the instalment from your monthly income.

Q Will 12 Month Loans Affect My Credit Rating?

No, these loans will not affect your credit rating especially when ExtraMile Finance is allowing the funds through no credit check process. In fact, if you are sincere towards the repayments then you can easily improve your credit score and find more lending options in the future.

Q How Much Can I Borrow?

ExtraMile Finance has set the borrowing limit from £1000 to £15000 but it largely depends upon the individual circumstances. We also check the repayment capacity of the borrowers according to their income status. However, they can inform us early if they want any changes to the loan amount and the repayment period.

Q Are there many lenders who offer 12-month loans?

Yes, there are many lenders who serve the borrowing of 12 month loans but you have to make a smart choice to select a worthy one. For example, extra mile finance is an online financial service provider brings to get the amount to favour the borrower’s situation.

Q Can you get a 12 months loan with bad credit and no guarantor?

Yes, you can get bad credit loans from direct lender and that too with the feature of no credit check. It performs to give the borrower a lenient checking on the credit score which does not leave the mark of search print on it. The approval on the amount even when you have bad credit gives the borrower a chance to improve the number of credit score by making on time payments.

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