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Unsecured Loans – To Keep You Free From All Financial Dangers

Money is the obvious need of the human world. For sure, it is a point to agree on, right? You frequently face the financial needs and for all of them funds may not be available in adequacy. The small needs pop up more regularly and when you fail to make your own arrangements, the loans come to play their expected role. Yes, they back your situation with a certain amount that can feed your need at that time. In return, you repay in small easy instalments. The unsecured loans are the common choices to make, as they are convenient and smooth to avail.

Credit History, Bad Credit Score Report Are Less Important Than Repay Capacity

Personal financial needs are ignorant of your credit score or history. They just occur as they are perhaps destined for that. We provide funds irrespective of credit score status, current credit score and payment history. The only thing you need to have is a good repayment capacity.

Excellent and good credit scorers always get funds easily. However, with ExtraMile Finance, you can borrow despite poor credit scorewith unsecured personal loans for bad credit people.

Focus on the below points if you want to borrow with any credit score/credit report/ credit history

Apply loans with any credit score

Note – People with good credit score too should have a satisfactory income. Their repayment capacity and current financial behaviour is as important as of poor credit scorers.

Not Only Collateral Even No Guarantor Is Required

Unlike few other loans in the market, we never ask you to provide a guarantor. Our procedure to provide funds is completely obligation free. You can find us online through unsecured loans with no guarantor. We are easy to find due to a ubiquitous presence across UK.

The amount in unsecured loans is small and that should not create the need for any kind of backing. Any sort of small amount loan is free from any kind of hassle of obligatory needs. Forget not to borrow your share of financial peace from us.

Apply For The Loan And Borrow Funds With Direct interaction

We are the ACTUAL direct lenders and need no other platform. Just reach to us directly, apply for the loan and borrow funds. Our presence in the online loan market needs no back up.

The reasons for which we are directly approachable –

We do not want our customers to get trapped in tricky and unrealistic promises We use our own capital to provide loans and thus need no other assistance
For bad credit scorers, our concern is to provide unobstructed funds through unsecured loans for bad credit direct lenders only We want to time of our borrowers by directly bringing you on our website
Our policy of instant decision on approval does not favour any third party interference We take no fee and do not want any other party take any such unfair charge on our name

Important Elements of Loan Deal

Here is a gist of the main aspects of the unsecured loans for bad Credit no guarantor that you are curious about.
Loan amount minimum £1000 ----------------- £10,000 Loan tenure minimum 3 months -------------------- 36 months
Daily interest rate capped at 0.8% APR 49.9%

Note - Interest rate and repayment plans act according to personalised pricing.

Any Purpose is ‘OK’ For us

After all, what is the use of keep asking questions on your needs? We are not interested in wasting your and our time. The one purpose you mention while filling the application form online is sufficient for us.

Borrow for ‘all’ to ‘any’ purpose –

Any Type of Applicant is Also ‘Fine’

We do not care if you are a scholar or a student, an employed or a person living on benefits, we are just ready to provide funds on your repay capacity. The next generation online lending believes in providing equal opportunity to everyone. We as the disciples of it are committed to follow the same approach. You can always find us 24x7, irrespective of bank holidays.

ExtraMile Finance endeavours to be the synonym of liberal lending and follow the principles of its origin of new age lending. Our precise aim is to construct a friendly financial atmosphere around you where you can find the funds for all your needs. We work to bring the best and uncompromised loan deals for you. If you help us with some basic financial and personal information, we can bring a right deal in the right match to your needs. Do not believe but try and then experience to prove each word here, correct and reliable.


Q Will I have to pay higher interest if I don’t provide any collateral to avail the loan?

Well, as compared to a secured loan, the interest rate will be a bit higher. But, there is still a possibility that you can manage to get better offers if your other financial aspects are good such as:

  • Your income status
  • Credit history
  • Past employment record
  • Credit utilisation ratio

Q How much amount can I borrow in the unsecured loan if needed instantly?

The best thing about availing unsecured loan is that it is more convenient. The no collateral requirement makes it easy to apply for the loan. In case of urgency, you can get a amount up to £5000 and expect same-day disbursal in the account.

Q Is there any risk in taking a collateral-free loan?

As you are not providing any security to get a loan, you will be free of such litigations. However, not making the repayment of the debt on time can affect your credit score. Also, in the worst-case scenario, you might even end up getting a legal CCJ notice.

Q What is the repayment limit in the unsecured loan?

The unsecured loan falls into the category of personal funding, so the repayment term will very much depend on the amount that you are borrowing and also your financial condition. If you have taken for a short term, then you can select the repayment term between 1 year to 3 years, as per your requirement.

Q How to apply for unsecured loans

The process of getting funds with unsecured loans is easy. In this, you do not have to put any asset as collateral, but specific requirements will help you to gain trust from lenders.

  • Good Credit score
  • Guarantor
  • Co-signer
  • Clear your previous debts

These are the four ways through which you can get quick approval. Make sure that you have satisfied with any one of the categories mentioned above.

Q Is it possible to get loans without collateral?

Yes, you can get quick money without showing any collateral. There are three ways through which you can secure funds; you can read them below:

  • Show guarantor
  • Good Credit score
  • Having a constant money source

By showing the things as mentioned earlier or any one of them, you can quickly get money.

Q What is the difference between secured and unsecured loans?

There is a vast difference between secured and unsecured funding. Let’s understand them.

Secured loans: In this type of funding, you have to show some asset, like house, car, and investment, to gain loan approval. Interest rate is low as you are offering something as security.

Unsecured loans: It is just opposite of secured loan. You do not have to put anything as security as these are unsecured, but the lender may charge high-interest rate as compared to secured loans.

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