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Why You Need Loans without Guarantor For Bad Credit?

The term ‘loans without guarantor’ can be defined through the flexible lending policies of the modern-age lender like ExtraMile Finance. It means the loan provider does not require any secondary borrower to co-sign the loan documents and it will look for another factors like employment status.

Guarantor’s presence during the loan agreement is like a promise to the lender that the repayments can come within the given schedule. But the person should have a good credit profile and doing a regular job. Finding that person can be tough sometimes and thus these kinds of loans provide an alternative.

very bad credit loans no guarantor no broker are ideal for people who have just moved to a new place and for the people who are in a need of financial assistance but are unable to find a guarantor. Here at ExtraMile Finance, you can get the requested amount instantly and with minimum paperwork if our team approves your application.

ExtraMile Finance has opened its lending doors even for the people with low credit scores. We have prepared a specialised deal as the loans for bad credit without guarantor. And, this is enough as the reason of why you need these loans.

How to Apply For No Guarantor Loan at ExtraMile Finance

At ExtraMile Finance, we have an easy to understand and fast online process that allows you to get the notion of the no guarantor loans on instant decision so that you can fill the application form quickly without any complications. Unlike other lending sources, we don’t play the strict rule and regulation game and make sure that our customers do not go empty-handed. Thus, in order to apply for the loan at us, you need to qualify for these basic requirements:

  • iconA legal UK bank account
  • icon1Regular income source
  • icon2A residential of UK
  • icon3At least 18 years old

Therefore, if you meet all the given requirements mentioned above, then you can fulfil the application form and submit to wait for the response. Among all the products that we offer, loan without guarantor is one of the most popular types of loan. Our seamless and effective ways of providing this loan are the main reasons for its popularity.

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The Added Advantage of loans For Very Bad Credit People With No Credit Check

Loans can only save you from the financial hole if you have a reliable lender to assist you. We are doing exactly by offering the loans without credit check or guarantor. The prospective borrowers can submit their applications with no worry of strict credit perusal, as we do not perform credit check and allow loan approval on the basis of other relevant proofs.

If you are looking for a loan, but unable to get one due to lack of a co-signer, then apply for very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no credit check. Here, you don’t have to worry about such obligation as we don’t include in our mandatory list. Apply online today to secure amount up to £10000 and if approved, you will get the requested amount within a few hours.

3 Main Advantages That People Get With Such Exemption:


Quick approval and fund transfer


No wasting time in finding the guarantor


Credit score improvement

Moreover, our wide online presence allows the Britons to apply for very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker. It means no third party is required to get the relevant funding benefits.

Bespoke Deals on Loans Without Guarantor in UK

Applying at ExtraMile Finance gives several advantages to the UK residents. The most important of them is that the loans for bad credit no guarantor come in different varieties, such as:

The borrowers can apply for the 12 month loans with no guarantor needed. These loans are vital to be used as the financial backup for a year and can be a tool to improve the credit ratings with fixed monthly repayments. The poor credit loans are also available with such facility of no co-signer, but the borrowers must be employed at the time of submitting application. The financial assistance is also available to those people, who are unemployed. They can also directly apply and get the much-needed funding access.

Can I Get No Guarantor Loan With Bad Credit?

Need a no guarantor loan and don’t have the luxury of good credit score? Well, there is no need to worry about that as here we can help you with that too. Yes, you heard it right! You can get loans for no guarantor with bad credit also. We see other financial aspects of the borrowers such as income status and then figure out their repayment capacity. You see there is a possibility to get loans even having less than perfect credit rating, but for that, your income must be really good.

Can I get no guarantor loan

Are Payday Loans And No Guarantor Loans The Same Thing?

The answer is in between yes and no. Yes, because payday loans do not require any guarantor for the approval. No, because payday loans are a type of no guarantor loans, there are various other types of such loans available too in the market as well such as unsecured loans, personal loans, peer to peer loans, and logbook loans.

Well, there is one thing that is common in both these loans i.e. there is a possibility to get it even at a poor credit score. However, payday loans can be really expensive.

ExtraMile Finance is the direct lender who deals with customers directly and there is no involvement of any broker and no fees. Here, we have designed various loan products according to the people requirements, so whatever your financial needs are, you will surely find a guaranteed lending option that will fit your situation perfectly.


Q Will Applying No guarantor loan affect my credit score?

Checking your credit report occasionally does not cause any harm but if you apply for the loan multiple times, then it can have an impact on your credit score. Also, when you will be going for a new loan, the number of times that you have applied for the loan will be clearly mentioned and this will not give a good impression to the new creditor.

Q I am unemployed, what should I do for the no guarantor loans approval?

If you are unemployed and have no guarantor, then you can follow the below-mentioned ways.

Credit score: Having good credit history shows that you are a credible borrower. You can get additional benefits too, like a competitive interest rate.

Collateral: You can show your property as a repayment option. It could be risky but can help you to arrange instant funds.

Q What kind of collateral do I need in case of loans without a guarantor?

There are so many distinct forms of collateral that you can use to get prompt approval. Lender includes such a thing that can be convertible to the cash to repay. Here are a few ones:

  • Houses
  • Cars
  • Stocks
  • Bonds

Q What is the procedure to avail no guarantor loans if I am dealing with bad credit?

There is no rigid procedure to get no guarantor loans with bad credit. The lender may ask you for certain things, like:

Income source: If you earn and get a monthly paycheck, then you can get the fast cast.

Collateral: If the borrowing amount is large, then you can use an asset as a security.

The above two can lend a hand to get the loans without guarantor.

Q Is there any possibility to raise credit score with no guarantor loans?

Yes, there is a chance to boost the credit score with loans without guarantor. But it could be the only possible way if you repay the borrowed money on time. If for some reason you fail to repay on time, then you can contact the lender and reschedule the date.

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