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Get loans without a guarantor quickly

Do you want to take out a personal loan fast? You will get it. You won't face any complexity for the presence of a guarantor anymore! No such lengthy lending processes are involved!

In times of trouble, you need nothing but money. It will be better if the money you are looking for is approved for you within a few minutes only. That is what a quick loan with no guarantor stands for.

You might be wondering why the absence of a guarantor makes the difference, right?

Well, we can explain it to you if you care to understand what no guarantor loans are in particular.You get these loans on the following features:-

Affordable APR: We are the responsible loan provider and keep everything at your convenience. We are committed to providing low APR with no guarantor loan.

No Fees: We do not ask for extra charges while providing our loan deal. It means you can easily get no guarantor loans with no fees.

Loans on benefits: We offer loans for bad credit with no guarantor on benefits especially for unemployed people.

What is a loan with no guarantor?

A loan with no guarantor is an unsecured personal loan where you can take out the money without the need for a guarantor. You don’t even need collateral for this loan

A guarantor can be one of your family members or friends

Loan with No Guarantor

Guarantors are good. But, taking a loan out with them involved in loan terms turns lending lengthy and complicated. Besides, you sometimes do not get enough time to deal with these matters.

That is why we brought you a loan without a guarantor. Yes, you can even get it in a bad credit situation.

Knowing that you can get loan money with no guarantor or a co-signer is crucial, but you must have strong affordability. As long as you can repay the loan, you will get such loans to stabilise your finances.

Why every borrower prefers a no guarantor loan?

A non-guarantor loan makes the process even smoother and more systematic. It is because you can now seal off the contract between you and your lender, which makes borrowing money even more organised. It is why borrowers seek the assistance of no guarantor loan lenders for their needs.

***A no guarantor loan makes sense when you need quick and hassle-free money***

Involving a guarantor means including verification of another person and their financial documentation. It leads to a lengthier verification process and more complex loan terms. When there is a loan without a guarantor, the process becomes faster and easier.

Your financial details are safeguarded

Involving a guarantor can make your financial details available to the guarantor. In many cases, you might not want to do that for avoiding complications in the future. Choose a no guarantor loan, and you're free from that worry.

Freedom to change loan terms

It is just you and your guarantor and no one else involved. This paves the way for altering your loan terms as per your financial comfort. You can tell us about it, and we will help you in unique ways you love.

You get a loan in bad credit score

We offer you this assistance. Even if you suffer from poor credit, we will offer you loans with no guarantors.A short-term loan with no guarantor is based on your income affordability and allows you to improve your credit score by making disciplined loan payments.

Time to make a systematic financing

A guarantor can make the lending process lengthier and more complicated. With no minimal documentation and detailed credit checks, we provide a fast loan with no guarantor facility.

Learn more on different types of no guarantor loans!

There are many such alternatives to this loan.

What if you want a loan without guarantor in the UK but, at the same time, prefer checking out other options before making your move, we have got some alternatives for you.

Check the list below:

  • Instalment Loans

    These loans are short-term loans with term ranging up to a year. You can make the payments in instalments. You may consider repayment terms in the form of a payday loan. It means you repay the money on your next payday.

  • Unemployed Loans

    Let's say that you have lost your job and need quick money to pay the bills. Added to that, you cannot neglect to buy yourself some food and medicines for the upcoming months (till you get reemployed).

    Although you are unemployed, we are not asking you for a guarantor as long as you are okay with your personal finance.

    We are blazing fast in offering you these loans as we know that you have come to us for a really important cause.

    We won’t let you down.

Types of No Guarantor Loans
  • Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit

    Well, your credit score can get messed up. And it’s not your fault.

    But you can fix it with the help of a simple personal loan, which we offer in bad credit situations.

    The good thing is we don’t want you to bring a guarantor for this loan. If your income is ready to pay the loan instalments, the loan for bad credit with no guarantor is yours.

  • Loans on Benefits

    If you don’t earn much, but you receive governmental or private benefits or allowances, then you are welcome to apply for the no guarantor loan with benefits.

    Again, we are not considering a poor credit score an issue.

    Getting a no guarantor bad credit loan on benefits is possible if the benefits you receive are found suitable for making repayments.

  • 12 Month Loans

    Consider this the instalment loan version with fixed 12-month tenure. Along with the facility of no guarantor, we don't have a problem with your bad credit score.

    We provide 12-month loans for bad credit and no guarantor as a reliable direct lender in the country unless you have a stable income and finances. You can spread the loan costs and pay comfortably.

  • Mobile Text Loans

    If you are looking for a short-term no guarantor loan for bad credit for an instant payout, then your mobile text loan is the possible solution for you. Just send a text message to us, and your job will be done!

    We will help you reach your financial goal with an unsecured loan.

  • Emergency Loans

    Whether it is an immediate medical surgery or the fee for your college, a quick disbursal of the loan can make a difference. Taking out a loan, where no guarantors are needed can help you get money super-fast.

    And yes, a poor credit score won’t slow you down for this loan. We promise.

  • £1000 Loan for Bad Credit

    Do you want a simple short-term loan that starts with only a thousand pounds?

    We provide this instant loan on bad credit with no guarantor to individuals needing urgent money to bridge emergencies. The absence of a guarantor makes the loan more feasible.

    Or you can speak with us to negotiate the loan type and terms to suit your needs best.

  • Debt consolidation loans

    We keep more options, like debt consolidation loans for bad credit in the UK with no guarantor facility. You can apply for the loan without anyone’s support.

    Repay the loan on your capacity and eliminate every debt that you have with our affordable debt consolidation loan with no guarantor.

    We provide these loans in the short term, but they will significantly help you improve your credit scores.

  • Long-term loans

    We provide long-term loans for bad credit with no guarantor. These are ideal for those seeking a little more flexibility on finances. With this facility, you may lower the repayment costs, but interest could prove competitive. Choose a repayment period as per your affordability. Avoid choosing a longer one if you can clear early. With us, you can leverage 24 months under this.

Are bad credit loans with no guarantor easily available?

The answer to that question is ‘yes’. With that, we can interest you in something more.

Did you know that the team of ExtraMile Finance brings you low APR loans without guarantors and that too if you’re suffering a bad credit score?

Well, the truth is that we have taken direct lending to a platform where a low credit score is not a problem to us as long as your financial behaviour is good to go.

In this case, please let us break down a few facts about a no guarantor personal loan for bad credit.

THE MYTH: Bad Credit Loans Are Impossible without a Guarantor!

We understand that people are still uncomfortable with bad credit scores. People tend to think that a low credit score will get their loan application declined or that there will be a high-interest rate that they cannot always afford.

Others believe a bad credit score involves a guarantor, or a no guarantor loan involves a good credit score. But all these ideas are NOT TRUE.

THE REALITY: A Bad Credit Loan with No Guarantor Exists and Getting It Is Easy

You need to understand that a short or a long term no guarantor loan for bad credit is possible if you have found a direct lender at your side.

How do direct lenders offer loans with bad credit without involving a guarantor? Well, they simply check your income statement and see if that is stable enough to pay instalment bills for repaying the loan in time.

If your debt-to-income ratio is fine in your earnings, we have no problems with your credit score.

Do I get very bad credit ccj loans with no guarantor?

When we already stated that we would give you a quick loan with no guarantor on bad credit, we meant every word and not even a legal problem like a CCJ could stop us from helping you.

We can help you improve your credit score with the help of a no guarantor CCJ loan even with a bad or a very bad credit score.

County Court Judgement or a CCJ is a legal action taken against a person. The records of the CCJ remain in the credit score of the accused for 6 years, and here is where a bad credit CCJ loan can help.

Not only does it help you in times of need, but it can improve your credit score too, which is a great advantage to have in circumstances like these.

Apply for No guarantor loan

However, you need to prepare before going for CCJ loans with no guarantor from a direct lender. Here are some suggestions for you:

Are very bad credit loans with no guarantor practical to get?

Like those with CCJ or bad credit scores, individuals with adverse credit ratings are also eligible to avail of our loan offers. We have prepared special offers for them as very bad credit loans with no guarantor with direct lender facilities.

You get these loans with the following features:-

There is no need to involve someone between us, as you will apply for very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker in the UK.

Am I allowed a no guarantor loan in zero credit check?

If you are wondering if a no credit check loan is possible and that too without a guarantor, then we would ask you to think practically.

A no guarantor loan with no credit analysis gets POSSIBLE by the following ways:

Apply for a loan with no guarantor quickly!

We understand that you want an instant loan without a guarantor. That is why our application process is relatively easier.

Here is how you do it:

Visit the Online Application Form

Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button on the website or click at Apply now to find an online application form, where you need to fill up:

Done, now get ready for the next step.

Arrange Your Income Statements

You need to ensure your financial details and income statements are ready so that we can verify them as soon as you send them. This makes us make a quick approval for your loan with no guarantor.

Keep these documents at hand’s reach:

To determine whether you’re eligible, you can look at 3 things.


You should be a resident of the UK permanently


Your age limit is from 18 years to 65 years


You should not have any criminal records

Have you sent this data to us already?

Then we can say you have little work left.

Loan Disbursal

You are going to receive the amount within one business day. All you have to do now is to wait until you receive a notification from your bank on receiving the money.

Can I get a Guaranteed no guarantor loan with bad credit?

A guaranteed loan with no guarantor can be a possibility. It is an unsecured loan, and the affordability depends on how well you manage past credit. Yes, we accept applications with CCJs, defaults, bankruptcy, and missed payments.

However, you must host relevant and valid income proof to qualify for the loan. You can provide a part-time income/ regular income/ scholarship/grant to qualify for the loan with bad credit and no guarantor with us. We consider income and outgoings as a part of our initial credit check.

We also provide a no-credit-check loan with no guarantor to individuals needing urgent money. Even if we conduct a soft credit check, it leaves no footprint on your credit score.

Why a no guarantor loan from us?

You can take out a no guarantor loan from us at any moment for one good reason in many, and that is:

Your Needs Come before Our Business

And we mean it!

We have specialised our services in ways we prove this approach of ours.

With that, we are always ready for a conversation.

Write to us or phone us (@ Contact Us) to know more.


QHow to get a no-guarantor loan in a fortnight if I am not employed and have an emergency?

You can take a no guarantor loan for the unemployed in a fortnight if you keep your financial details (such as your bank statement and credit report) and a statement by which you promise us that you will pay the loan instalments. You can pay your instalments from your next employer or benefits plans. We also do not have any such issues if you choose to repay using your freelancing work or business revenues.

QWhat Special Requirements are there to take out these loans?

You need to show us your steady income proof. We go through your income when the credit score is bad to understand if you are ready and willing to pay the instalments, we will fix it for you. When we find out that you are okay with the instalments, we will definitely lend you a helping hand and arrange for you the bad credit no guarantor loan.

QDoes Not Having a Guarantor Mean Having a Co-Signer?

No. A no guarantor loan is a personal loan which doesn't involve the co-signers. It means it is an unsecured loan given to you directly by lenders. With loans like this, it is just you and the loan you are taking out. Your income statement and credit score will impact the lending, and that's it.

QDo I Have to Speak to a Broker to gain a No Guarantor Loan?

Although borrowers think that way, there is no need to go to a broker or contact such professionals as you get the same service over here. Even if you have a drastically bad credit score, you will get a no guarantor loan when your income is sufficient to pay the monthly repayment terms. Speak to us for more information on very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker.

QCan I take out a no guarantor loan situations like an emergency?

At ExtraMile Finance, we value the needs of our customers, and yes, you will get aid for an instant cash loan with no guarantor, even with a bad credit score. Let us know what you earn and give us evidence that you are comfortable in paying the monthly instalment bills we will make for you, and the loan is yours. We can also make flexible plans for you to make the loan term suit your needs.

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