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Borrow Installment Loans in the UK for a Feasible Experience

Is borrowing the best possible solution to the ongoing problem? However, you seem to be concerned about repayment. In that case, getting weekly Installment loans from ExtramileFinance can be relieving.

It is obviously because of the simple repayment structure. You need not have to repay in a lump sum but small sums. It is indeed going to be a befitting loan offer for any pocket size.

The traditional borrowing process has no existence in our lending system. Installment loans are being designed with some visions in mind that mainly focuses on:

What is it for? Loan offering at affordable prices
Who is it meant for? Anyone who succeeds in the affordability check
What is the approval rate? High as compared to other lenders
How is borrowing comfortable for us? Due to the convenient repayment plan

Needless to say, we carry a liberal approach to make borrowing less complicated for you. So, what are you waiting for? Apply Now!

What are online Installment loans?

These loans facilitate manageable repayments. The cost has been portioned out throughout the tenure meant for paying back. There is no need for you to attach to a severe time frame. You have the privilege to repay in the form of an equal amount of loans staggered over a period.

The nature of Installment loans is more or less like small funding. It is being made available to alleviate financial problems in your life. With us, you can think of getting any amount that would perfectly meet your requirements. Forget about bothering too much about loan repayment!

Installment loans personified
How much can you borrow? £ 1000 to £ 15000
How long is the repayment term? 12 to 60 months
Are rates within budget? Up to 4.99% (based on affordability)
Will bad credit be a disadvantage? Accessible with unfavourable credits too

The actual reasons behind offering such financing options are to fit the bill for any emergency purpose like rent and mortgage payments. Think straightaway to understand your purpose and get your hands on the amount and enjoy fuss-free repayment.

Why might you require Installment loans?

As mentioned above, your purpose should be specific. You need not have to be tied to a purpose while applying with us. Feel free to treat any financial emergency as repayment is going to be easy for you.

We will never look back to investigate where and how you utilise these weekly Installment loans. It is not at all our lookout. We would rather assess your financial potential, which matters to us more.

With these loans, you get the enormous scope to beat any financial trouble. Aim to use these loans best to enter a worry-free financial zone.

Enhancing homes

Home renovations are no more cumbersome when you have loans with Installment facility within your reach

Personal essentials

Personal Installment loans have got you covered for any individual need like wedding expenses or welcoming a new baby.

Paying off dues

Unexpected bills are like headaches. But you can stop them creating nuisance in your life by opting for this flexible loan option

Are Installment loans accessible for bad credit people?

Extramilefinance is totally aware of how much your credit scores can cause pain in your life as a direct lender. Stop worrying now! We are here to lessen your worries and make you happy ever after.

Installment loans with bad credit by a direct lender i.e. us, is our attempt to present an opportunity that bad credit people like you long for. We never discriminate between borrowers who have good or bad or no credit scores.

We believe in equality. Thus, we measure your capability based on a different system. Our priorities are to confirm:

  • Earning: We accept any income means that could be full-time or even part-time. Your earnings must affirm us about your repaying potential.

  • Affordability: It is assessed by evaluating your current financial transactions that are basically bills. An on time payment of bill in recent times is considered as a good indication for us.

  • Signs of credit improvement: Getting a nod of approval is going to be a cakewalk if we are able to spot clear signs of credit improvement. You must do the necessary work to recover your credit scores.

Installment loans for bad credit people

Are Installment Loans for Bad Credit Same as Payday Loans?

One should not get confused with installment loans similar to payday loans when helping people with bad credit history. Both are different products and are applied in different scenarios.

Installment loans for bad credit in the UK are longer in duration and larger in amount. On the other hand, payday loans are comparatively smaller and can end within one month or till the next salary day of the applicant.

However, you may term payday loans as small installment loans for bad credit, but the criteria will be different than usual.

Installment Loans for Bad Credit Payday Loans for Bad Credit
Usually available till 36 months Loan completes on the next payday
One can borrow up to £10000 The maximum amount limit is £1000
Lower interest rates Higher interest rates
Ideal for financial emergencies and planned expenses Loans are perfect for only financial urgencies
Loans can be secured, and thus one can expect guaranteed installment loans for bad credit These are unsecured loans only and cannot be guaranteed
No impact on your credit profile Loans do impact your credit record

Why get small Installment loans for bad credit?

As borrowers, you will surely want to validate if this type of funding option is perfect for your situation or not. It can be done by knowing the features. Here, our forte is to maximize your financial reach by adding features that are exclusive.

The reasons why you must consider getting Installment loans for bad credit from us only are stated below:

bad credit Installment loans advantageous
  • Least validation

    As a direct lender, we have made monthly Installment loans available with no credit check with an intention. It is to allow to access funds without needing you to reveal your credit history.

  • No guarantor obligation

    Installment loans for bad credit from direct lenders only and with no guarantor might seem like a dream for you. However, it is a reality now. You are under no compulsion to arrange a guarantor to support repayments.

  • No surprise fees

    Go through our fee structure to understand how we charge rates. You may rest assured to get no surprise in the form of hidden fees that usually pop up in the later part of the borrowing process.

What Do You Need to Get Installment Loans for Bad Credit?

One of the best things about installment loans for bad credit from direct lenders only is that your credit score is not the only criterion to consider. Instead, lenders like us also analyse your loan application on other factors.

We are more interested to know what you are doing now rather than what you have done in the past. You deserve a second chance, and we provide you with the same. However, there are some pointers on which you need to work on before applying, such as:

  • Ask for only the affordable amount that you can repay later;
  • You should have a stable personal or household income;
  • You must not have any bankruptcy charges for the last one year;
  • Clearing of debts before applying for a loan is quite helpful;
  • Apply jointly with your spouse or close friend if you want to apply for installment loans for bad credit from direct lenders only with no guarantor

How getting bad credit Installment loans advantageous for me?

We have identified ways to deliver more worth to your troubled financial life. Oftentimes, we hear borrowers grieving about a few things that go unheard in the traditional lending process.

We have tried to concentrate on those areas so that getting poor credit Installment loans from a direct lender like us is beneficial.

  • Hassle-free application

    Come visit us to apply in a paperless way. The application form can be extracted from our website. You can simply submit it by adding relevant details. You have to enter the right information to let us process the request in no time.

  • Receive money in a snap

    You will have a wait-free period with us. We will transfer funds immediately when we confirm approval for your request. The applied amount gets credited in a few minutes to your checking account.

  • Collateral free opportunity

    You can approach direct lenders like us for bad credit Installment loans and fetch funds in an unsecured manner. Assets are not demanded to be placed against loans.

  • No imprint on credit history

    We don’t perform any hard assessments. We ensure you can afford loan repayments by running a soft check. It is not going to leave a scar on your credit profile.

  • Assist in boosting credit scores

    The biggest plus point of getting bad credit Installment loans from a direct lender is handy terms leading to successful repayment. It ultimately allows you to upgrade scores.

  • Repayment flexibility

    These loans facilitate you to pay back in smaller amounts on a specific date after regular intervals for months. You will not be required to repay in full and at one time. Follow either a weekly or fortnightly, or monthly regime to repay effortlessly.

Is it viable to get Installment loans from direct lenders?

Many things make you comfortable contacting direct lenders for bad credit installment loans. The most significant advantage we bring for you is the flexibility in the lending terms.

Our loan terms and conditions vary according to individual circumstances, as a fixed rate only needs to be convenient for some. We analyse your loan affordability first and decide the rates.

With Extramilefinance, your roller-coaster financial journey can end. Do you want to know how? Let us, as the direct lender, explore some of the additional features of our installment loans for bad credit, which are bespoke and available with us only. These are:

  • Transparent approach
  • Any time assistance resolution
  • Speedy processing
  • Loan disbursal in no time
  • Adaptable loan offering

Indeed, you want to explore most of the direct lender installment loans for bad credit. If yes, then apply now.


Q How long will it take to receive Installment loans?

With Extramilefinance, getting access to loans after approval is a quick affair. We will take a couple of minutes till we hand over the money via the virtual platform. It is that easy.

Q How much does Installment loans cost?

If you have any doubt regarding the pricing, you can straightaway reach out to us. Check out the ‘Contact Us’ page. Fill out your query and send it to us. You can approach us via the ‘Apply Now’ page for a free quote.

Q Is it possible for me to pre-pay loans?

Of course, you can pay the loans early. There is no problem with it. In fact, it would be the best decision as you can get rid of loan debts before time. On top of this, you should not fear pre-payment fees.

QCan Installment loans harm my credit scores?

Taking out these loans will not hurt your scores. However, if you skip or delay repayment of loans, it is going to have an impact on your credit profile.

QWhat if I have a requirement long term loan?

In case of any such query, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us anytime to understand the possibility of getting such a loan opportunity.

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