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Need a Loan for the Unemployed? You’re Always Welcome!

It’s easy. It’s simple. And it’s fast.

Get financial support even if you are unemployed. We specialise in personal loans for unemployed people with perks you didn’t even imagine.

Losing a job, taking a temporary leave or waiting for a better job etc., are all circumstances anyone can face. We generally call this phase, unemployment.

In the UK, the rate of unemployment peaked in February this year.

Sometimes, being unemployed is voluntary. At other times, it becomes a problem. In instances like this, the best solution you can get is to BUY SOME TIME FOR YOU. We can help you with that with a personalised loan when you are not earning.

A loan for unemployed people is one of our fascinating offers with 99% approval rates if you approach direct lender like us. You don't need collateral to take out the loan. Since it is a personal loan, you can use the money for whatever causes you to want - from paying bills to funding an emergency project (while you are not earning).

This loan is a single solution to multiple problems. Scroll down to find more about them.

How to Get a Loan When I am Unemployed?

We made that easier for you. You can get a personal loan even if you are not earning or have taken a break from work. We can guarantee that your loan application will find the money you want. Don’t worry about loan denial.

We offer loans for people who are unemployed in liberation so that each and every one of you gets quick monetary assistance.

Here's how we make it simple:

We offer a personal loan, which comes with flexible repayment procedures. You have to repay the loan amount as per the duration. We need to check if you can repay us the loan using your NEXT EMPLOYMENT or when your EARNING RESUMES.

The earnings need to be:

  • Sufficient for repaying the terms
  • Stable for qualifying debt-to-income ratio
  • Evidential for documentation purposes

If your earnings in the future can prove to be sufficient to repay the loan instalments timely, and that too in the right amounts, then you are getting the loan for sure.

We will even ignore a bad credit score.

Get a Loan When I am Unemployed

When Should I Search for a Loan for the Unemployed?

It does not matter if you have to lose a job to get a loan of this kind. As a matter of fact, unemployment comes in different forms. For some, it can be a break from work. For others, it might be a loss of job.

We would require you to state every minute detail of your unemployment to us. It would help us evaluate your condition so that we can help you with the best loan.

Here are a few circumstances that push someone to get an unemployed loan:

Taking a break from a job for a certain period.

If you’re a woman and you are on pregnancy leave

If you have lost your job for some reason

If you resign your job and are likely to start a business

How to Repay a Loan for the Unemployed People?

Follow our methodical steps to repay the loan amount. You don't need to be anxious about repayment because we will guide you.

Every single day, we manage thousands of application processes. People reach us for various loan terms, and we make it easier for them to understand the loan and repay it.

We are going to do it for you as well.

  • We use a loan calculator to find the perfect loan term and interest rates to help you out.
  • We need to check your income details from a very analytical perspective to understand your loan requirements.
  • We then conclude with instalments and loan duration.
How to apply to for unemployed loans

Don't worry about the repayment package, though. You will be given more than one to choose from. If you still need help with them, we are always here.

You might need the following documents to get the loan:

  • The offer and experience letter of the existing employer if you are taking a break from work or on pregnancy leave.
  • A valid offer letter with the address of the employer in terms of an upcoming job.
  • Business registration papers and sales plans for taking out a start-up loan for the unemployed.

If you are wondering what income options we choose, then the answer is ‘any’ as long as you can show us the income you have from them is stable.

Here are a few of them:

  • Day-job
  • Part-time/ Freelancing
  • Benefits/ Allowances
  • Business

How to Use an Online Loan for the Unemployed Smartly

Fund any of your projects with this loan without hesitating about your income. We are working with borrowers from different walks of life. Learning more about their individual requirements has made our loans even more flexible.

Whether you must pay for a repair project within a day or two or bills are pending, an online loan for unemployed folks will work fine to manage those payments.

Here are a few unique ways the UK borrowers use this loan:


Pay bills right now because we are providing you instant money to deal with the costs of the utility.


Use an emergency loan for the unemployed in the UK to manage an urgent/ unavoidable expense.


Buy some time for your next job securing your funds with the help of an unemployed loan.


Book your seat for your college/ university/ online degree with this personal loan.


Don’t be late to start your brand because we have a start-up loan for the unemployed in any amount you need.


Improve your poor credit score as we will not only offer you the loan but will also guide you through.

Will I Get Different Kinds of Unemployed Loans?

With us, the answer is yes. Find the loan suitable for your particular use case scenario. We understand that being unemployed can bring you various complications or issues. However, each problem has a solution through the diverse loan options we bring for you.

You can look at them below:

  • Emergency Loan

    Manage an urgent situation such as a medical surgery or a repair project anytime with a quick emergency loan that is easily accessible for unemployed people living in the UK.

  • Payday Loans

    If you see re-employment soon and are okay to pay us on your payday (the day you get your salary), then a quick payday loan for the unemployed is the loan you need.

  • Same-Day Loan

    Do you want cash right now? Take out a same-day loan for unemployed people. You will get approval within 10 minutes after you finish the paperless application process. We will disburse the money in a day.

  • Short/Long Term Loan

    What about a loan? Does the duration matter to you the most? You can choose to repay soon. In other cases, you can take repayment over a long period. We are here to counsel you for better, faster and more effective repayments for both loans.

Wait! Are the Unemployed Loans Guaranteed and Quick?

Yes, they are.

We are the responsible direct lender and realise the requirement of a person's urgency in getting money when they are not earning. Keeping this in mind, we made our loan application and disbursal norms to be highly efficient and fast.

That is why we have designed a completely paperless loan application form.

Click on the Apply Now button to go to the application form. You will find some basic queries there. Fill it up and submit it to us. Your borrowing process will automatically start from there.

As we mentioned earlier, we welcome everyone who is not earning. We define any loan you choose as a fully guaranteed loan for unemployed people.

Unemployed Loans Guaranteed and Quick

Since the application process is free of paperwork, you get the loans disbursed faster as we:

  • Check your application to evaluate your loans
  • Verify your income details
  • Make a soft credit check to keep track of your financial behaviour
  • Offer you a loan approval within minutes after this initial verification process
  • Disburse the loan on the same day

Do you want to find out if this quick loan for the unemployed is useful even with a bad credit score? Well, the next point can describe that to you.

Do I Get a Loan for the Unemployed with a Bad Credit Score?

Of course!

We have already mentioned that a loan is easier to get even with a bad credit score only because we check your income and nothing else. If your future income or earnings qualifies to pay instalments for the loan terms, we will keep your credit score out of the way for borrowing.

However, we make a soft credit check. It is but a procedure to keep track of your credit card transactions. This is a direct lender policy to understand your financial behaviour and status. It is important to help you more with suitable terms regarding an unemployed loan for bad credit.

You might also get an unemployed loan with no credit check if:

  • You don't use a credit card, i.e. you are not a credit card holder
  • Your income is more stable than required
  • You have been carrying a very good credit score

What Are The Risks Of Loans For Unemployed With Bad Credit?

Undoubtedly, getting loans during unemployment is like surviving in a tough situation. If you have a bad credit score, obtaining a loan will be a huge relief.

We dedicate our service to your financial relief by offering tailor-made deals on short-term loans for the unemployed with bad credit. These are easy-to-get funding sources and allow aspirants to eliminate urgent financial issues.

We show our responsibility as the direct lender and want to familiarise you with the possible risks of a loan for bad credit and unemployed. Some of them can be as follows:-

  • You may have higher interest rates to pay. However, we can assure you with competitive rates in the market

  • You cannot seek long-term funding because you lack the full-time income to make huge repayments

  • We may ask you to have a guarantor or place the collateral since you are unemployed and have poor credit

Does a No Guarantor Loan for the Unemployed Exist?

With us, they surely do. A personal loan offered to unemployed people mainly comes without a guarantor.

Who is a guarantor, though?

Well, the person or the institution responsible for paying us back the money, only if you fail to do so, is known as the guarantor.

Guarantors can have problems of their own such as financial issues, uneven relationship with the borrower, bankruptcy and other complications. These issues may lead to even more complex loan repayment and penalties. Ultimately, it affects the borrower and their relationship with the guarantor.

Instead, take out an unemployed loan with no guarantors involved from us. This will keep the loan term precise and simple between you and the direct lender. Your repayment will also become easier and more organised.

Besides, you will get more responsible.

Are There Instant Unemployed Loans for Students?

Why not?

We understand the need for a student who leaves home to study for a college or a university degree. We know that students need money to pay rent or college fees. They also need cash to buy study materials and gadgets.

Moreover, it is highly possible that a student is not earning now.

However, we won't blame you in this age of cut-throat competition.

Students, who are into jobs, were not found working in 2022 as well. According to reports, about 147,000 people aged between 16 and 24 have been unemployed this year.

You can solve this issue, though.

Pick an instant loan for the unemployed students and repay us the money back later by freelancing or a part-time job. If you are already working as a paid intern in an enterprise, then that is good news for you to repay the loan in instalments.

Why an Unemployed Loan from Us Will Make You Happy?

We will go that extra mile because we are goal-oriented to a serious level.

Throughout the years, we have provided 40000 loans to borrowers from different walks of life, with them reporting to us back how the loans and stress-free repayment schemes have aided them.

Here is why you might need to choose us:

We Are Fast In Offering you Any Loan You Want

We offer Guaranteed Loans for the Unemployed

We are working on Holidays too, only to help borrowers in need

We always keep a loan denial out of the picture

Do you need a loan now? Make your move with a click on the 'Apply Now' button.


Q I am self-employed. Can I apply for an unemployed loan?

Yes, you can. You are eligible for the loan anytime with us once you share all your documents with us. We will run a check to find out your loan affordability and then the loan is yours in no time!

Q Do you offer doorstep loans for the unemployed?

Yes, we do. However, we would need to verify your documents first. We would need your ID proof; your income statements and a document bearing your address. Ur agent would find you in the appointment we will agree upon.

Q How Can I Repay my Unemployed Loan?

You can use a loan calculator to find out the instalment amounts according to the interest rates provided. Please be sure to check loan amounts according to different interest rates. We will help you with an affordable repayment plan as well.

QCan I Apply for an Unemployed Loan If I am on Benefits?

Sure, you can. Your benefits program is an allowance that you can consider as your earnings. Tell us more about those statements and we will help you fix comfortable instalments amounts.

Q Am I Going to Get a Loan even if I am unemployed right now?

Yes, we are going to offer you a loan option when you can promise us to repay us with your next employment. Tell us your status and we will help you in all possible ways.

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