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Don’t feel left out, as you can get a loan for bad credit!

A common perception is that getting loans for bad credit is not easy. It is not as difficult as it is portrayed. With ExtramileFinance, you can bid adieu to this experience where poor credit borrowers are considered untouchables.

We believe in giving you fair chances in the race to get loan approval despite your limitations. Unlike conventional lending, which is different from ours, we have a proper system in place that judges the affordability of borrowers. Personal loans for bad credit are indeed a ray of hope for people in the UK.

Bad credit loans from direct lenders Bad credit loans from traditional lenders
  • ok icon white1Get any amount between £ 1000 to £ 15000
  • ok icon white1Online presence is enough
  • ok icon white1Documentation is least required
  • ok icon white1Only soft searches are done
  • ok icon white1Aggressive pricing is not done
  • ok icon white1Get an amount within a lower borrowing limit
  • ok icon white1Meeting in person is crucial
  • ok icon white1Large-scale paperwork is involved
  • ok icon white1Hard credit check is mandatory
  • ok icon white1Heavy interest is usually charged

You don’t have to get into the complicacies of credit reports and scores while applying with us. We overlook your past financial failures. We emphasise your present capability as a defining factor in our decision-making process.

I need a loan but have bad credit. Should I bother?

Loans for bad credit are accessible to anyone who lives in the UK. Your credit blemishes will not intensify your trouble, especially when you are with us. As direct lenders, we are an exception as we prefer the below factors over your credit scores. These are:

  • ok icon white1 Ongoing financial stature
  • ok icon white1 Present monthly income
  • ok icon white1 Capacity to disburse current payouts

Our company validate these by running soft checks that are gentle on your credit scores. Apart from the general criteria that revolve around age, bank account, job and residency, we have small requisites. You can easily fulfil them by grabbing pocket-friendly offers such as 12-month loans without a guarantor.

We literally have no problem if you are stuck with missed and late payments. We can lend you our assistance if you can confirm you are:

  • ok icon white1 Working on to improving finances
  • ok icon white1 Considering to borrow small amount of money
  • ok icon white1 Our retaining customer

Can I qualify for guaranteed loans for bad credit?

You want to approach a lender because you require guaranteed financial assistance. Mainstream lenders may not suit you in this scenario. What you can do is seek high acceptance payday loans from direct lenders.

The significant benefit of these options is that the lender does not feel the risk of paying a small amount. You will repay that amount on your next payday. Thus, the loan ends early and involves no trouble for you.

These are also urgent loans for bad credit where the approval comes early. However, it depends upon your loan application. If it does not have any mistakes, we will process your application instantly and transfer the funds on the same day.

Poor credit loans at your reach. Do they have any unique property?

We are totally aware of the consequences you face due to poor credit scores. Getting a loan with bad credit is not impossible for us. We know late payment is always not the culprit that ruins all your opportunities. There are other instances like:

  • ok icon white1Sending out more than one application request to multiple lenders in a while
  • ok icon white1Changed your address frequently in the last few years
  • ok icon white1Withdrawn money more than what is present in your account
  • ok icon white1Exceeding the limit provided with credit cards

You can expect full support from our end as we have different characteristics to match the need of every borrower. These are:

Guarantor assurance is not required

Our personalised loan offers are ready to facilitate you in the form of bad credit loans with no guarantor. You don’t have to ask anyone to favour you by becoming your guarantor. We will signify you as your guarantor since we are confident according to your prospective.

On top of this, you get an opportunity to borrow loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no fees from a direct lender like us. We excuse you from paying upfront fees often hidden under attractive offers. We like to make our approach transparent with borrowers like those living on benefits.

We promise to fetch you support in every possible way. For this reason, we are different. Our company offers an easy arrangement to help you apply for no guarantor loans for poor credit people on the go.

Speedy loan disbursal

We aim to bring back a smile to your face. The loan processing steps don’t take up too long to complete. You may rest assured to see money credited to your account once we confirm loan approval.

Flexibility in repaying

You can opt for instalment loans for bad credit people if your personal circumstance allows. Here repayment term gets adjusted according to your financial stature. There will be no stringent repayment norms.

Have to borrow money with bad credit! Is it possible?

With ExtramileFinance, you are in a safe zone. We create the possibility to borrow loans irrespective of certain restrictions. Our services will benefit in many ways like:

Advantages of bad credit loans

No hassle of collateral

Unsecured loans for bad credit don’t need you to provide security against the loan amount

Money on instant decision

We are known for our prompt action-taking nature. Borrowers can avoid queues and long hours of wait to receive money in a jiffy.

Wide borrowing limit

Our loan range is meant to meet the requirements of different variety of people. You can choose any amount as per convenience.

Pre-approval facility

You can check with our eligibility criteria to ascertain if you can apply.

Online calculation of rates

We have a unique arrangement available on our page. It allows you to calculate the price based on the loan amount and repayment term.

Loans on benefits

If you are living on benefits but need a loan day from a direct lender due to a bad credit issue, then you only get the most personalised deals here.

A bunch of loans for people with bad credit! What are they?

Our forte is to create a complete package for people dealing with different problems.

Our loan collection

Business loans for bad credit

These loans bestow you a chance to minimise the pending cost of business. You can minimise the funding gap by utilising the loan money.

Payday bad credit loans

You can employ this loan opportunity to bridge the gap between paydays. However, it is not the go-to option that you can rely on every time.

Small loans for bad credit

It is not that we only cater to large needs. Our range also starts from a low amount to let you extract money for petty necessities.

Debt consolidation loans

We take care of all your pending debts, so we offer debt consolidation loans for bad credit people. These involve lower interest rates.

Unsecured loans with bad credit get you covered for anything. Really?

With us, you need not have to be tied to defined purposes. We have included diverse loan components that can come out as ideal solutions for a different types of situations. You can make use of unsecured loans for bad credit to:

  • ok icon white1 Meet urgent treatment expenses
  • ok icon white1 Repair the door of the apartment
  • ok icon white1 Payment of utility bill
  • ok icon white1 Buy new appliance
  • ok icon white1 Paying wages of your employee
  • ok icon white1 Disburse educational expenses
  • ok icon white1 Cover some of your wedding expenditure
how to apply for secured loans

I don’t want to stick around too long to get a loan with bad credit!

You are right. We have combined easy steps that are not more than 4-5 for the loan application process. We have designed a different loan application method. You can chalk it up with minimal effort and in the least time. Here it is:


Find application online

Unlike banks, with us, you don’t have to visit their branch to collect the form. Loans for bad credit are readily available on our website. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button to get started with us. This will lead you to the application form.

Complete the form

Here, also, you will see we don’t ask you to fill out tonnes of details as we want to keep it short and simple. Put in some very basic details like name, phone number, email id, address, etc., and you are good to go. This procedure does not comprise a stereotype documentation process.


Review your details

Once you are done entering details in the application, cross-check to spot if there are any mistakes. Make changes immediately.

Submit it successfully

It is the final leg of the application process. It ensures your application reaches us so we can put forth the next set of actions.


Living with very bad credit scores! Can I get loans from a direct lender?

You can still make it to these loans when your scores are extremely bad. You should be ready to see loan rates higher than those usually charged for other borrowers. However, you are lucky as you can obtain very bad credit loans with no guarantor, and no broker is needed. It is possible only when you apply with us. We will treat your affordability as the highest parameter to confirm if you can repay loans on time. You should have a steady source of income.

You get the following advantages of very bad credit loans with no guarantor from a direct lender:

Loans for bad credit need no check! Is it true?

We want to tell you that no hard checks will be conducted. However, we must perform some soft credit checks. Otherwise, it will be tough for us to ascertain your financial potential. It is a part of the initial process. Most importantly, it will not have any impact on your credit history. You can unhesitatingly apply for a loan with bad credit also.

Ask ExtramileFinance to get loans for bad credit online! Why?

It is great if you want to validate if we are the right match for you. We are here to release the stress from your life. You can look upon our services for manifold reasons like:


Q How much time will bad credit loans take to reach me?

It does not take much time for the money to reach you. After successful approval, you must wait a while to obtain loan money directly credited to your checking account.

Q Is it a good idea to repay loans early?

Yes, it is indeed a good idea. You will get relief by paying off early as you can focus on other financial commitments. Moreover, you don’t have to shell out extra money for pre-payment fees.

QDoes ExtramileFinance provide unsecured loans for bad credit?

Yes, we have provision for this facility wherein you need not have to place costly assets as security. We don’t mind accepting applications from tenants and non-homeowners.

Q In what ways should I repay loans?

You can repay weekly, fortnightly or monthly as per convenience. There is no compulsion on how you can repay.

Q How repaying late can affect me?

Late or missed repayment should be avoided. It will force us to charge penalty fees. Besides, it will get highlighted in your credit reports.

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