The Pre-Eminent Financial Assistant

Financial woes, money worries, and the loan predicament; these are common phrases that have become a part of the lives of the contemporary folks.

The rising levels of inflation and the substandard appraisal rates can be regarded as the prime culprits.

You do not need to stress; ExtraMile Finance has come up with solutions to all your money problems.

We have been in the loan markets for more than four years, and during our operations, we have realised that every financial need is different as every finance seeker and his budget is different.

Because we understand this, we have accomplished the feat of delivering more than 40,000 loans and made the lives of these 40,000 borrowers more financially sound.

We call ourselves ExtraMile Finance because we are willing to go the extra mile to make things happen for our clientele and keep them as happy as they can.

Striving to Make Lasting Consumer Relations

We, at Extra Mile Finance, understand the fact that our clients are the sole reason we can earn a living, so we strive to work diligently and make lasting relations with our consumers.

Any loan agreement that we sign encompasses our ethical code, which prioritises the consumer needs more than our profit.

We are renowned in the loan markets for being flexible and accommodating of the financial needs of the borrowers.

We have provided loan interest rates keeping in mind the consumer’s pocket. Charging an exponential interest rate that the client may never be able to compensate in this monthly budget will not only make it fall in a perpetual debt trap, but we might also have to bear the loss of a loan turning bad.

Extra Mile Finance proudly says that we are a business and we are doing what we do to earn a profit, but we will never exploit a client to make that profit happen.

We sign agreements only when the borrower has given his nod of approval. Otherwise, we continue to revise and alter the terms and conditions until our client is comfortable.

We have given out over 40,000 loans, yet we haven’t given them to 40,000 different borrowers. A significant proportion of our loans are taken by clients who have already taken a loan from us.

The need for financial aid will never cease, and our motto is to make the client so satiated with his financial aid experience through us that the next time he needs a different loan, he would not look anywhere else.

Our Compassionate Team of Experts

The paramount quality in a lender has to be compassion. And our company and its entire team is nothing, if not compassionate.

Our policies are a reflection of the same. These are the policies devised by our team.

  • Small Cash AdvancesFlexible Interest Rates
  • Small Cash AdvancesEarly Repayments
  • Small Cash AdvancesCatering for the Borrowers with Bad Credit
  • Small Cash AdvancesAllowing a Few Late Repayments without a penalty
  • Small Cash AdvancesApproving loans in a matter of minutes

All these are just a few glimpses into our policies that put the needs of the borrower ahead of our own need for a profit.

Comparing our work ethic to that of other lenders or even your previous experience with finance will give you a better understanding.

There is not a single lender in the market apart from us, who will suggest you the right loan instrument for you along with the amount that will be comfortable for you to repay so that you do not find yourself in the pitfalls of debt.

We know that if you are flourishing, only then can you repay us and consequently we would flourish with you.

Working to Augment Living Standards Every Day

ExtraMile Finance has been working for years to elevate your living standard through the provision of finance by us.

Many of our borrowers have bought new gadgets, cars and even funded their education expenses through our loans, leading to a better quality of life.

And we can proudly say that we have had a tiny part in their success.

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