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We heartily thank you for dedicating precious time of yours by landing here. We understand that a loan is a big decision, and qualifying for bad credit is a struggle. You do not need to worry about low credit or finances with us. As we believe, unfortunate times call for a partner. We are happy to help!

Who we are

ExtramileFinance is a direct lender operating since 2015. We aim to ensure responsible lending that caters to your financial situation. We prioritise granting complete control to you and managing your finances without worries.

In the initial phase of our company, we struggled to figure out the best way we could help those with an inappropriate credit scores. Seeking and getting approval on loans with poor credit proves troublesome.

We, too, faced it while scaling the firm. There we hit the idea of launching loan products for one and all with little hassle.

Every person has a well-defined goal behind the loans. Thus, one must not lose the opportunity owing to credit issues. It is why we provide without rejecting applications straight away. Your dreams are ours too.

We take every possible measure to help our customers qualify with their current finances and credit scores. You can surely bank upon us with quick, No- documentation and 15-minute loan turnarounds!!

What we do

We provide financial products designed for unique circumstances and needs. Before suggesting any loan or approving the loan, we carefully scan the profile. It helps us figure out the repayment potential and lend accordingly. In case of bad credit, we tune in to a balanced way of lending that aligns with your financial bottom line and helps meet the purpose simultaneously.

How do we help you?

We help you by providing the below-mentioned services.

Why do we exist?

As the name suggests, Extramile, “We never leave the customer thinking on the table. Go an “extra mile to provide a suitable offer. The loan products cater to every single being seeking small help. Our mission is to take the loans home.

With “home-based loan offerings, we prioritise customers’ comfort and time. We understand that having 1:1 interaction may not be suitable every time. It is why with our convenient borrowing system, you can apply for any loan anytime and from anywhere. In precise, our mission is-


What do we aim for?

Your financial well-being is our priority. With our flexible lending terms, we aim to change the way people think about finances and loans.

While lending, we look at the personality beyond finances. We aim to educate the customer about reflecting on their finances and choosing the best. An individual grows by clearly understanding every loan and its purpose. We prioritise growing together and being on the same page.

What do we ask of you before approving a loan?

We only ask for essentials. The information you provide us remains secure. If you fear security issues, relax. We eliminate any possibility of security breaches with advanced security and data system.

The more accurately you provide the details, the more it helps us provide the best guidance. At the portal, we store information to inform you about the deals personalised to your experience.

What makes us trustworthy in the customer’s eye?

We are nothing but the trust of our customers, as the testimonials reveal. And we continuously revise the terms and criteria to make things easier for you. We believe in providing fair chances to everyone regardless of their credit status. At the portal, you can borrow money soon as you need it and when you need it the most.

  • Small Cash Advances Higher Acceptance Rates

    With our offerings catering needs from a minimal £1000, individuals share a higher chance of qualifying at the portal.

  • Small Cash Advances Transparent dealings

    We believe in keeping things up front and eliminating any customer doubts. You could rely on us for - NO HIDDEN FEES lending.

  • Small Cash Advances Budget-friendly lending terms

    We do everything to ensure that the loan agreement aligns well with your liabilities. Lenders here design repayments preferable to your budget curvature. You could analyze and ask anything before signing off the loan agreement.

  • Small Cash Advances Revise repayment terms

    Situations and circumstances change. We understand your financials to change. If you are struggling to make repayments, contact us. We work with you to stabilise the repayment burden with revised terms.

Additional benefits you could leverage with extramile finance

We will not disappoint you if you look forward to additional reasons to partner with us. There are plenty.

1. Pay as per your comfort

We grant freedom to customers to dominate their repayments the way they want. You could split your repayments in any of the following structures:

  • Small Cash AdvancesFORTNIGHT
  • Small Cash AdvancesWEEKLY
  • Small Cash AdvancesMONTHLY

2. Repayment Holidays

If you cannot make payments owing to financial distress, you could pause your payments for a while. We do not charge interest on the first missed payment.

Our promise to customers

Here are some promises we make to you, and walk by them to ensure the best lending experience for our customers.


We Consider Applications; Regardless Of Past Financial Hiccups


Provide Expert Guidance To Improve Your Credit Score


Pledge To Resolve Any Issue Bothering You- The Same Day


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