How to Start a Franchise Business with Zero Effective Investment
  • August 17, 2021
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How to Start a Franchise Business with Zero Effective Investment

A franchise business is a great investment opportunity with a lesser risk of losing capital. You are investing in an established business that people already trust. Therefore, you save yourself the troubles of building a brand reputation and trust among the target audience.

Furthermore, you will get expert guidance to manage the different tools and processes within the business. They may even take care of the hiring and training process to give you more time to focus on critical tasks. However, the benefits are no good unless you have the capital to invest in a franchise business.

How to Invest in a Franchise Business with Zero Capital

Not everyone has a grand paycheque to save enough money for the business capital. You will have options to start a business with minimal investment from your savings. Here are the top options to consider if you want to start a franchise business with zero capital.

  • Zero-Cost Franchises

The majority of the franchises will ask for a particular share in investment to reduce the risk of failure. At the same time, a few franchises put money from their side if the applicant has the perfect profile for the job. However, it is not easy to get the funds from franchises as they require an ideal candidate to invest their money.

You must have a proper business plan along with the right experience and credentials to get funds from a franchise. In addition, it will take a thorough search to find the right business that provides zero-cost funding. You will have limited options, but the franchise will take the financial risk.

  • Government Funds

Government always seems very keen to help the small businesses in the country. You will find a few government schemes to support your franchise business. However, the paperwork and eligibility are very difficult because of the limited funds and serious competition.

Therefore, you should go through the details of the scheme before sending your application. Prepare your paperwork with the help of an expert to make sure there is no reason for the authorities to reject your application. Also, you will get guidance from the government representatives with the fund to start your business.

The fund disbursement can take a few weeks to months because of the slow official processes. You can take temporary financial support with installment loans to start your business.

  • Direct Lenders

Direct lenders are the ideal alternative for people with imperfect profiles. The stringent policies of the government, banks, and franchise often lead to the rejection of an application. They will not consider the plan if there are minor problems with your profile or paperwork.

Nevertheless, you can contact a direct lender to get the funding without the share of brokers and middlemen. The representatives will create a personalized offer keeping in mind your requirements and profile. Also, the applications will get approval if you can afford the repayment or the business plan has potentials.

Direct lenders also help their customers build the perfect profile with the proper guidance. You don’t have to go through the troubles of enlisting the documents or create a business plan alone. Furthermore, many options are available, including small-term loans and unsecured business loans to avoid the unnecessary stress of repayment.

  • Banks

Banks are arguably the most popular source of funding for small businesses because of their long history. They are a part of our civilization for thousands of years now. Therefore, you can try filling the application form if you have the ideal profile for a business loan.

The interest rates are affordable when compared to the direct lenders. It is because they offer loans to low-risk applicants where the chances of repayment are significant. Also, they may not provide unsecured loans if you have a bad credit history.

You will get a long list of services when you deal with an established bank. However, these services lag the personalized touch of a small financial institution. You might have to deal with the machines for hours before the call connects to their representative.

  • Credit Union

Credit unions are the societies for a very specific population to help them with their financial needs. They don’t offer loans to borrowers or customers, unlike the other financial institutions. Instead, you must become a member of the union to get financial support from them.

The interest rates are among the best in the industry for the members of credit unions. Some even provide debit or ATM cards to their members as part of their modernization scheme. However, the services of a credit union are rare to find in the whole country.

You may not find dedicated loan types at a credit union, such as very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker in the UK. Also, they will only accept membership requests if you are a part of their community.

  • Family or Friends

You don’t have to deal with the lenders if you have someone in your social circle to lend the capital. It is okay to ask your family or friends to sponsor your business if they have the money. Though, it will require an awkward conversation to get the required funds.

They may not ask for the steep interest rates or the perfect credit profile to lend the money. Also, some even take the minimal share in your business as their return for the investment. Though, you should create agreement papers with the accepted terms to avoid a dispute in the future.

Furthermore, it may create stress on your relationship because of financial troubles. You may lose the money or make late payments on the installments. The conversation will get more awkward if they refuse your request for investment.

  • Investors

Some people are actively looking for competent individuals with a business plan to invest their money. You can find such investors to raise capital for your franchise business. They will ask for a reasonable share in the return of capital and the complete risk of losing the money.

However, it may get tough to convince people to put money into your franchise business idea. Some investors can ask an unreasonable share in your business to take away the decision-making from you. Moreover, their constant interference can limit your ideas to grow the business and even lead to frustrating experiences.

How to Improve Your Profile to Get Funding?

The above lists of available resources to get funds to have their pros and cons. However, you must have a good enough profile to get approval from the selected funding source. Here are a few things to consider while trying to improve your profile for funding –

  • Paperwork

Every lender will require documents to assess and verify your details. You should prepare the paperwork before filling the application form to create a positive impression on the representative. Also, it will give you time to correct the errors or find the missing documents.

  • Business Plan

A business plan is a critical part of receiving funds to start a new business. You need to create a detailed plan for a business that includes market research to income sources. Make sure you have an income forecast to predict the returns from the investment.

  • Credit History

Lenders may not offer a loan to people with a very bad credit score. They already have a troubled past in managing the installments. Therefore, you should focus on the credit history and avoid the missed payments to improve your profile.

  • Industry Experience

Franchise and lenders will check your industry experience before trusting your profile. Franchises don’t want to ruin their reputation because of incompetent management. At the same time, the lenders will find the profile too risky because of the high chances of failure in the absence of industry experience.


To sum up, you can start your franchise business with many options available for the right profile. You may face a few rejections in the search for capital for your business idea. Nevertheless, you should not quit the endeavor as many successful leaders with great visions have gone through the same troubles.

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