Ways To Earn Extra While Studying And Meet Personal Expenses

Ways To Earn Extra While Studying And Meet Personal Expenses

Kids may get a normal life when their parents work, but sometimes it becomes important for them to earn. This earning is for their self-esteem and to understand the value of money.

They may have various expenses that they have to cater to with their side income. If a child thinks of earning, there are no limitations on options.

With great advancements in technology, modern-day kids have easy access to everything. This opens up huge opportunities in front of them. Also, they can use this technology for the benefit of future generations.

Also, with these options, you can benefit for the rest of your life. If your parents are willing to do your work, you can find a suitable job for yourself.

Earn money and fund your future

Look around you or your neighbourhood, and you will get a variety of options to earn some easy cash. You do not have to ask for money from your parents every time.

Work on your own and save money for yourself. Apart from your education, you can take time out for other important work. For example, if you are going to school during the daytime, you can go for some work during your evenings.

This will help you to keep your day structured and earn some money too. For example, if you wish to purchase a car, you can take 12 monthly loans for bad credit where no guarantor is required. These are types of personal loans in the UK. Such a loan will help you to purchase your car, while the repayment can be made by earning some money.

Money making tips

1. Do neighbourhood chores

You can go with the household chores and responsibilities if you are old enough. With these responsibilities, you can make money.

For example, many families may offer you money for their dishwashing. Some families may offer you money to clean their gardens. This way, you can find various activities that will help you make money.

Some of the activities are garden cleaning, laundry, dishwashing, and dog walking. These days dog walking and babysitting is a prime example of earning money.

Taking dogs for a walk for people is an upcoming trend and an easy source of money.

Along with dogs, you can also go for babysitting. Babysitting for families where parents need help to oversee their children, you can easily earn some money.

2. Put your stuff on sale

If you are not using something, you can sell that online. Selling stuff online can get you good money and declutter your place. These things which you aren’t using, could be useful or important for others.

For example, if there is an old CD case that you are not using, you can put that on sale. Make use of your garage or a yard sale. The sales attracted other children and people. You can sell any of your T-shirts or art and get good money.

If you are from 13 to 17, you can use a legal account to make money. You can sell your articles on different social platforms.

For example, Etsy is one of the platforms that support such sales. Make use of this platform to get money in your bank account.

3.  Sell drinks

If you want something to sell, you can sell some drinks, such as mocktails, in different flavours. This is a good old-fashioned technique. You can sell some drinks at the roadside and make good money.

You might need to take a permit to sell for most of the places. Take help to get the permit and then sell whatever you want to.

4.  Teach your skill

You may be skilled at something. Why not earn money by teaching that skill? If you have a skill in you, you can teach that art to somebody and earn money.

Teach music or painting or some sport in which you are good. Many people are finding art teachers or music teachers. You can be one of them and share your talent.

This way, you mutually benefit the people willing to learn and support yourself too. Some of the hours that can be taught are cooking, music, dance, etc.

5.  Find local gigs

You can find local gigs in your neighbourhood and work for them. This may include any activity, such as helping people around.

6. Freelance

Freelancing is one good activity that you can pick up at any time. Along with your full-time school, you can be a freelancer.

This gives you the flexibility to work in your favourable and feasible hours. Just think of any skill that you can teach and become a freelancer. Ample opportunities for freelance writers are available these days.

Social media platforms, magazines, and newspapers are some of the options that offer you freelancing writing.

7. Be a tutor

This is an unusual one, but you can become a Tutor. If you are good at studies and other children need your help, you can charge for it. Sometimes some younger students need your help with their studies.

Teach the subject you are good at. Take tuition at different places such as colleges, schools, libraries, and coffee shops.

But for these, you have to get your approval first. If you get approval, you can easily conduct your classes here.

Be the best, work honestly, and word of mouth will spread. Once children know you for your tutoring skills, they can easily approach you. More students, more money for you.

8.  Fill out surveys

Take surveys. Many online websites provide different online services. If you fill up the service, you are paid for it.

For example, sometimes the surveys are related to customer feedback, while sometimes the service may be regarding the products and services of the brand. Fill out an honest survey, and you will get money for it.

Also, sometimes you get points for filling out the service. But read the terms and conditions before proceeding. Do not just keep on feeling service for any brand.

 For example, if there are surveys by some lenders for their car finance on instant approval, you can be a part of it. But make sure to check before filling up any kind of survey.


As a kid, you have ample opportunities to earn money. You just have to look around with their vision. Once you know how to encash the opportunity, you can make a good living with these income sources.

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