12-Month Loans Bad Credit Customers can Avail without a Guarantor
  • August 24, 2017
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12-Month Loans: Bad Credit Customers can Avail without a Guarantor

People who face sudden financial crises desperately look for quick funds that can be paid off in easy terms. 12-months loans are one of the best options available in the UK financial market to overcome financial woes with no time delay. These are basically short-term loans where a borrower gets an instant approval without furnishing a guarantor and irrespective of his score.

Whether the borrower has a good job or an unemployed with a bad credit history, he stands a guaranteed chance to get an instant 12-month loan with no extra fee. Let’s clear your doubts related to the 1-year loans:

Who is Eligible to Avail? 

Most of the top lenders in the UK offer such funding options without creating any fuss. Eligibility criteria vary from a lender to another lender. However, you should pass the following criteria but that are common to most of the lenders:

  • Your age should be 18-75
  • You should be a resident in the UK

What I need for Applying for a 12-Month Loan?

The online loan application procedure is completely paperless and even you don’t have to attach any soft copies. Hence, no hard copies, no soft copies and no faxing are required. At ExtraMile Finance, you just need to fill the following basic information:

  • The required amount
  • Name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email id
  • Date of Birth
  • Post Code
  • Bank Account details


From Where to Get?

You don’t have to go anywhere in the UK to avail a 12-month loan. Just sit in your living room and open your laptop/desktop/smart phone. At ExtraMile Finance, we make your financial life independent. You just need to fill a small online form and our online team of lending professionals will manage the rest of the process.

How to Apply for a 12-Month Loan?

Just put the required basic information in the online form and submit it. That’s it!

Do I have to Pledge My Asset to Secure the Loan?

No! These are no collateral loans where the lenders don’t require you to submit any asset. The complete lending experience is so convenient as there is no risk of losing your asset.

Do I Need to Co-Sign my Application from a Guarantor?

Certainly Not! 1-year financing options are basically unsecured loans for which you are not required to submit a guarantor. Even if your score is poor or zero, a simple and concise online form is enough to get loans for bad credit with no guarantor.

Is It Mandatory to Apply with a Direct Lender?

Well, if you are looking for cheap installment loans for bad credit then direct lenders are the only reliable options. Actually, it is not mandatory. But, if you want to save brokerage fee and need direct contact with the lending company then why not ExtraMile Finance? The Choice is yours!

I am Jobless. Can I Apply?

Why not? Unemployment is one the current problems in the UK. It can happen to anybody and most of the friendly lenders in the UK understand your situation well and hence offer short-term loans for the unemployed with no extra fee and no guarantor. Moreover, if you are a fresh graduate and haven’t got the job yet, still you can apply with a positive expectation of 100 % approval.

I am a Bad Credit Customer. Can I Get Funds with No Delay?

Loans for bad credit with no guarantor are customised exclusively for customers like you. Don’t hesitate! Apply for a quick short-term loan now!

How Much Time a Direct Lender Take to Approve ?

If your direct lender has online lending solutions, then it would take maximum 3 working days to approve your 12-month payday loan application. But, at ExtraMile Finance, we approve your request in less than an hour. The choice is yours. Try our fresh deals now.

Do I have to Submit My Latest Credit Rating Report?

No! As suggested above, you are not required to submit any document including your credit report. The top lending companies in the UK offer trouble 12-month loans with no credit check. It means these companies waste no time in evaluating your application. They give fast approvals with no extra fee.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Well, it depends upon your lender’s policies. Most of the online lending companies let you avail maximum 50,000 pounds. However, at ExtraMile Finance, you stand a guaranteed chance to avail maximum 1 million pounds.

Can I get a Same Day Payout Option?

This you have to check with your lender. Many online loan providers in the UK offer same day payout options to people who are in urgent need of funds. We understand your urgency and disburse the required money within an hour of the approval. We don’t charge any extra fee on our quick loans for bad credit without a guarantor.

Do I have to Give Any Upfront Fee?

Most of the ethical lenders in the UK keep their lending solutions transparent and don’t charge any processing fee or an upfront fee. For avoiding any kind of hidden charges, always apply with a credible lending company. Also, read the terms & conditions of your lender.

Can I Repay on Monthly Basis?

Of course, Yes. These financing solutions have been customised in such a way that you get the required funds today and repay the whole amount with interest in 12 months.

What if I want to Close My 12-Month Loan before the Agreed Tenure?

Well, it depends on your lender. However, many lenders like us don’t charge any pre-closure fee even if you close the loan within 3 months. You just have to contact the customer care of your provider and register your request.

Can a Direct Lender Help me in Improving my Score?

Why not? Most of the direct lenders sit 24X7 online to help you with the guaranteed funding solutions. They also assist you in transforming your poor score into a good one.

Does Availing this Loan Increase my Score?

If you repay the availed 12-month installment loan on time, then yes it does improve your score. If you continuously miss monthly repayments then your poor score gets more down. Your fund provider sends the monthly report to the credit reference agencies in the UK, which in turn adjust your score accordingly.

Are you unemployed and still confused which lender to choose? Be confident of the lending services of ExtraMile Finance and don’t let your family suffer more. Apply for a quick short-term loan for unemployed now and fulfil your immediate needs with a smile.

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